Surrey centre members

2iC Limited

2iC are a thought leading UK company that makes innovative software to integrate diverse systems that are usually unattended, wearable or vehicle-borne. 2iC’s software enables flexible integration and coordination across old and new digital systems; where previously it was too difficult, too expensive or too slow.

2iC firmly believe that in the 21st century deployed digital systems should be able to easily interoperate. Further, these systems should be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances, with significant system changes made in hours and days, not months and years. | more

Accelogress Limited

Accelogress Limited offers software development and project management consultancy services with expertise in Mobile, Web and Specialized software and systems development.


Account Management Online Ltd

AMO develops a digital salesperson. Our software delivers 'sales as a service' for our clients to their customers in a conversational way across the webchat medium. It helps individuals purchasing for business use on a website to find the item they need quickly plus feel sure they are ordering the product that will best meet their needs. For our clients it is an opportunity to offer service to business customers, and increase conversion rates and basket sizes along the way. | more

AccurIC ltd

Accuric's strategy is to license its technology for incorporation into LED drivers. The LED driver market is global and is growing with the rapid penetration of LED lighting around the world. Our market entry strategy is to make and sell an IC which instantiates our Intellectual Property (IP). One single Integrated Circuit (IC) chip with different firmware and different off chip component combinations covers the commercial and residential lighting markets and the full range of power outputs. Accuric will supply its chip and reference designs to licensees. Product licensing is targeted at... | more

Alcis Holdings Limited

Alcis provides geographic information services that enable better understanding of insecure and complex environments around the world. Alcis is in its 15th year of operation and has harnessed emerging technologies and innovated its offerings over time to donors operating in the fragile countries. More at: | more

Apollo Rail Ltd

Apollo are developing pioneering data-centric solutions to enhance the performance of railways. | more

Autuno Ltd

Autuno builds robots to automate cancer research. This field currently suffers from 90% non-reproducible results. Cancer research is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. More importantly, experiments are still performed manually by scientists, causing high variability in results. By automating cancer research, we are cutting down on human error, saving time and money, and increasing research productivity.

At Autuno, we believe that putting reproducibility back into research will help us find a cure faster and cheaper. | more

Blue Tea Software

"Business transformation and data analytics applications"

Blue Tea Software was founded in 2014 by technologist Georgios Michalakidis and systems' integration expert David Savage. The business employs software engineers and designers working in advanced data analytics platforms from specification and design, to implementation, deployment and maintenance. Our key product, Entoli™, targets the healthcare sector with Audiovisual control integration and checklists delivered in brilliantly-designed and secure App ecosystem in collaboration with the prominent UK and worldwide... | more

C T Designs Ltd

To commercialise an invention - The Leeper: An exercise trainer for the lower limbs; aimed at the mobility impaired
A simple and easy to use device for use 24/7 or as required, without the need for a carer/health professional.
By completing clinical trials / feasibility studies with target market segment participants, and validating the use.
By developing the prototype to final stage for tooling and full production.
Creating a validated medical device class 2b for use in the private sector and the NHS | more

Chestnut Mobile Ltd.

Building a smart baby monitor


Clutch Space Systems Limited

Clutch Space Systems (CSS) provide skills, expertise and systems for the contol, operation and communication with remote satellites and other platforms, including the transmission and reception of payload data for ground processing.

The business has specifically developed expertise in the application of Software Defined Radio technology to Satellites, including developing saleable systems, following 18months of testing and evaluation. | more

CommSOFT Ltd.

Intelligent Automation (IA) Software to Assist in Human Communication - "Multi-Lingual Conversation Automation". | more


Developing portable low cost brain imaging to reduce time to treatment for traumatic brain injury by assisting decision making for first responders and monitoring critical patients in real time. | more

Coursecheck Ltd

Coursecheck is a Software-as-a-Service business that helps companies running training courses, to collect and analyse feedback from the people they train. Designed as a smart alternative to paper feedback forms, our customers get instant visibility of what’s working well and where they could do better. In addition, training companies can showcase their customer feedback on and we are often described as “Tripadvisor for training courses”. | more

Decenture Ltd

Decenture is a EdTech company developing an institutional SaaS accounting and treasury product that sits on top of a permissioned blockchain network. It provides audibility and enforcement of fund usage in the higher educational ecosystem.

Our software suite for higher education uses blockchain based automated validation of grant and loan spends, as well as low friction auditing for funding providers and compliance. The network participants are governments, grant issuing organizations, loan issuing organizations, donors and universities and of course students. They form the Higher... | more


We provide an accurate pervasive positioning solution for handheld portable devices


Epitomical Ltd

Today, a new generation of vehicles is emerging, vehicles that are connected, increasingly autonomous and challenge our assumptions about how they will operate and interact for our benefit in the future. This technological revolution will change how our society functions, improving safety and efficiency, and reducing congestion and emissions.

Epitomical is building exciting new technology for the future of Transportation where connected vehicles are a key requirement for future autonomous transportation systems. We will enable this through a combination of our in-vehicle and... | more

Eventz International Corporation Ltd

Eventz International operates destination guides, city guides and event guides on its Platform as SaaS. Customers include city governments and local councils, media and property developers | more

Evolve Dynamics

Custom UAV solutions designer and manufacturer specialising in long endurance, heavy lift platforms with AI machine vision collision avoidance and working towards personal autonomous aerial transport of the future.


Farrow Creative Limited

Multi-discipline design agency. Specialising in branding and website design. | more

Forever Pace t/a VisitAR

VisitAR aims to simplify the way organisations deliver digital history tours, through the use of augmented reality technology. | more

Fourth State Medicine Ltd

Fourth State Medicine Ltd (4SM) is an exciting new company that brings technologies honed and developed within the space sector to the forefront of medicine. Formed in 2012 by Dr Thomas Frame and several other research scientists and academics, they are developing a line of plasma based surgical and cosmetic systems for use in a clinical environment. Unlike existing technologies we have found a way to provide a range of functionality that allows for a smoother surface finish in application to skin resurfacing, along with opening the doors to a number of other treatments.


Frugl Ltd

Frugl is a location-based platform for offers and experiences that helps monetise public WiFi. | more

GreenKan Ltd t/a fastgardener

At fastgardener we save you time by enabling you to book a gardener in seconds. All your gardening essentials are included in a simple hourly rate. | more

GWT Insight Ltd

Disruptive InsurTech hardware technology supplier with supporting cloud and consulting services | more

Inovo Robotics Ltd

Inovo designs and manufactures low cost modular robotics arms for use in manufacturing SMEs, research and education


InsPro Ltd

InsPro is a limited SME start-up company formed in January 2017. | more

Inzura LTD

We are a Platform as a Service provider for motor insurance providers. We enable the rapid migration of insurance customers onto a customer and app centric insurance experience.



IPROS CUBE provides Internet cloud solutions for business performance improvement, Compliance and Risk Management. | more

Livewire Digital Ltd

Livewire Digital is a private, limited company with over 25 years’ experience in enabling communications from extremely hostile environments whilst working with some exceptionally demanding clients in the broadcast and maritime sectors. | more

ManagePlaces Limited

Comprehensive all-in-one solution for construction management and property investment | more

Molli Baby Ltd

Innovative new baby’s soother which is providing enhanced relief and comfort for unhappy and restless babies. | more


Netclearance Systems are the hardware manufacturing partner for beacontent. They manufacture a range of BlueTooth and WiFi radio beacons.

We have recently established a presence in Europe and are now appointing resellers in vertical channels to support sales of this new technology. | more

OSBI Limited (Trading as Meteorite BI)

Meteorite BI is a specialist information management company. We provide software, cloud based hosting and consultancy to deliver data analytics to our customers. | more

OutThink Ltd

OutThink - world's first Cyber Security Culture platform | more

Peoplespace Group

Peoplespace Group offers management consultancy, technology tools and design services, for optimizing the business benefits of office accommodation strategy, agile working and work space design.
A Smart Trilogy, of integrated people, property and technology expertise, enables Peoplespace to improve workplace performance and support the corporate goals, for organizations of all shapes and sizes.
For each client, Peoplespace can help to significantly reduce their real estate overheads and recruitment costs, while improving business performance and sustainability and while... | more

Plum Data Ltd

Plum Data Ltd is a UK startup company owned by SRP2 LLP and the University of Surrey. Its purpose is to capture and benchmark operating data in the UK holiday parks and self-catering sector.


Prospect Networks Ltd

We're dedicated to delivering Cisco Meeting Server conferencing solutions that are tailored to your business and simple to use. | more

Quadible Ltd

We are a UK based agency providing software development services. Specialised in mobile and web development, having several years of experience in the software industry and through agile development methods we aim to deliver on time and on budget high quality products. Our fields of expertise are mobile and wearable technologies, machine learning and Internet of things.


Reality Zero One Ltd

Reality Zero One helps you to converting real-world objects into virtual world experiences.

We're building a platform that makes it easy to 3D scan real things and stream them into any digital reality you choose: PC, MOBILE & TABLET, VIRTUAL, AUGMENTED, MIXED REALITY. | more

Rebel Futures

Rebel Futures delivers consultancy and develops propositions in the Information Security and Cyber Security Innovation space. | more

RemoteHealth Tech Limited

RemoteHealth Tech is a digital health software development company focused on developing remote heart rhythm monitoring and diagnostics services using wearable technology. | more

Retinascan Limited

Development and provision to customers of machine learning system trained and configured to aid efficient analysis of medical images. | more

Salesforecast Limited

SaaS application that improves B2B sales forecasting


Savvney CIC

Savvney is a social enterprise dedicated to work with organisations to improve staff's financial well-being, by delivering an unbiased workplace-based financial education program coupled with an online video-based subscription service. | more

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd is a technology company that is developing products to deliver modern lighting controls that unifies legacy systems and save time, save money and get IoT ready. | more

Silverpoint Outdoor Ltd

New outdoor accessory Brand in led lighting and clothing. | more

Smart Separations Ltd

Smart Separations, Ltd. (SSL) has developed a proprietary filter that can be tailored to suit many different applications in the global - yet underdeveloped - microfiltration (MF) industry. This filter will provide a more controlled, versatile, and low-cost solution for several industries, including stem cell & blood research, air filtration, lowering of industrial emissions and even food & drink processing. The company’s core team comprises nine team members, who share over 70 years of experience between them in both business and research environments. | more

Stordeo Ltd

Stordeo is a video production company that has developed a unique process using a combination of technology, appropriate use of creativity and focus on clients bottom-line, to deliver high-quality video at an affordable price.
Stordeo works with small & medium sized businesses (SMEs), startups, charities and social enterprises in London and the South East who have a great story to tell and would like to use high-quality video but do not have the capacity, skills and expertise in-house and limited budget. We make high-quality videos quick and affordable. | more is the UK's largest national online student letting agent. We advertise and manage private properties, large institutional halls and work directly with several universities.
In addition, we have launched, a national online letting agent for all properties. | more

Think Cyber Security

A UK company developing products that reinvent the delivery of end-user security education and awareness training. | more

TISICS Limited

TISICS develops and manufactures light weight, high strength titanium matrix composites for space, aviation and energy sectors. TISICS works in partnership applying our technology to customer products, from our unique UK facility. | more

Triopsis Ltd

Developing powerful knowledge management technology.


Trueinvivo Ltd

Trueinvivo is a research led healthcare solutions company focusing initially on reducing the side effects of radiotherapy. The company makes innovative radiation detectors from arrays of micro silica beads which can used in a patient to measure the actual dose and spread of the received radiation. | more


U-Linc is a UK company (Company number 10832006) recently formed to commercialise the invention of a protocol which enables users to interact simply, seamlessly and securely with different Internet of Things (IoT) devices from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. U-Linc’s customers – semiconductor manufacturers, connected-device manufacturers, and connectivity service providers - gain a distinct market advantage in licensing this protocol. We enable them to provide to their users a simple, common/universal interface which will interact seamlessly and securely with...


Visual Atoms

Visual Atoms is an independent technology R&D and consulting company, specialising in advanced solutions in the digital vision domain.


Wealth Harbour Ltd

We are a startup delivering an online peer-to-peer (P2P) financial platform for professionals in the UK.



Worktools is the system to build and run your business on. | more