A-Z of companies


3 co-founders forming a business that emerged from StartUp Weekend Exeter and the Business School.


2iC Limited

2iC are a thought leading UK company that makes innovative software to integrate diverse systems that are usually unattended, wearable or vehicle-borne. 2iC’s software enables flexible integration and coordination across old and new digital systems; where previously it was too difficult, too expensive or too slow.

2iC firmly believe that in the 21st century deployed digital systems should be able to easily interoperate. Further, these systems should be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances, with significant system changes made in hours and days, not months and years.

http://www.2iCworld.com | more

3D Metal Printing

Additive layer manufacturing engineering company using 3D Metal (direct metal laser sintering) process. We aim to design and produce metal components for the Aerospace and Automotive industries, and in general for all the applications requiring fast prototyping.

http://3dmetalprinting.co.uk/ | more

a2z technologies ltd

A2Z Technologies is a complete technology partner, we leverages tech where appropriate to help stimulate sustainable growth and profit for our clients. We have created many bespoke solutions for our clients streamlining their processes and enabling growth. We love solving problems and creating holistic solutions while delivering an excellent user experience.

http://www.a2ztech.co.uk | more


AccelerComm is a chip IP-core start-up that offers game-changing technologies to enable 5G wireless systems to be ten times faster than 4G systems, laying down the technology foundation for future wireless applications and services and hence allowing much better user experience for end consumers.


Accelogress Limited

Accelogress Limited offers software development and project management consultancy services with expertise in Mobile, Web and Specialized software and systems development.


Account Management Online Ltd

AMO develops a digital salesperson. Our software delivers 'sales as a service' for our clients to their customers in a conversational way across the webchat medium. It helps individuals purchasing for business use on a website to find the item they need quickly plus feel sure they are ordering the product that will best meet their needs. For our clients it is an opportunity to offer service to business customers, and increase conversion rates and basket sizes along the way.

http://amo.ai | more

AccurIC ltd

Accuric's strategy is to license its technology for incorporation into LED drivers. The LED driver market is global and is growing with the rapid penetration of LED lighting around the world. Our market entry strategy is to make and sell an IC which instantiates our Intellectual Property (IP). One single Integrated Circuit (IC) chip with different firmware and different off chip component combinations covers the commercial and residential lighting markets and the full range of power outputs. Accuric will supply its chip and reference designs to licensees. Product licensing is targeted at...

http://www.accuric.com | more

Adhesion Technologies Ltd

Optimisation of strength, weight and cost reduction is paramount to the global aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. As a result carbon and glass fibre plastics composites) are superseding metal as the preferred construction material. This transition is currently being held back by two major problems.
a/ The replacement of conventional fixings designed for metals such as bolts, rivets, welds and adhesives.
b/ The inability to manufacture continuous filament carbon fibre structures at die cast aluminium production speeds.
In response to this demand Adhesion...

http://adhesiontec.com/ | more

AI Energy Solutions

AIES design, manufacture and supply equipment to the upstream Oil & Gas sector. The company specialises in bespoke engineering solutions for its clients

http://aieneergysolutions.com | more

Alcis Holdings Limited

Alcis provides geographic information services that enable better understanding of insecure and complex environments around the world. Alcis is in its 15th year of operation and has harnessed emerging technologies and innovated its offerings over time to donors operating in the fragile countries. More at: https://www.alcis.org

http://www.alcis.org | more


Alitica provides analytics for the restaurant industry.

We produce sensors which are placed within restaurants to collect anonymous information from dining environments. This data is used to determine the stage of a meal customers are currently at, together with the level of interaction they have with members of staff.

Our analytics system analyses this information to derive insights that can then be used by members of staff to improve company performance. We have invented, and are in the process of patenting, a unique method for collecting live operational information from...

http://www.alitica.com | more

Apollo Rail Ltd

Apollo are developing pioneering data-centric solutions to enhance the performance of railways.

http://www.apollorail.com | more

Aptania Limited

Aptania Limited is a software company who have developed a GDPR compliant, online SaaS based eCRM solution. Their product enables and assists companies embarking on a digital transformation by providing a centralised system to manage all of their customers and digital marketing activity.

https://www.aptania.com | more

AptCore Limited

AptCore supplies processor designs optimised for machine vision and radar applications. Using our unique, patent pending processor architecture we can provide unrivalled levels of performance for the target applications. Our processors may be used as hardware accelerators within a larger system, or as highly efficient embedded processors within a small power efficient unit, in each case providing superior capability systems for our customers.

http://www.aptcore.com | more

Aptenex Ltd

Rentivo is a growing SaaS business in the hospitality sector

http://www.rentivo.com | more

Austin Consultants

Austin Consultants offers engineering design, development, integration and test solutions using the LabVIEW programming environment. With our team of highly skilled engineers we focus on electronic, optical, mechanical and software “design to manufacture services”, maintenance, and through life support.

We offer full turnkey solutions from initial requirements capture through to manufacture, commissioning and long term support, and can also offer any part of this process separately depending on your requirements.

We are one of the highest certified LabVIEW consultancies...

http://www.austinconsultants.co.uk | more


At AutonoMe we believe video is the most powerful communication tool available for people with Learning difficulties and other cognitive impairments

Our award winning innovation AutonoMe combines the power of video, mobile technology, tags our bespoke data analytics system to improve independence and reduce the need for paid care.

http://www.autono.me.uk | more

Autuno Ltd

Autuno builds robots to automate cancer research. This field currently suffers from 90% non-reproducible results. Cancer research is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. More importantly, experiments are still performed manually by scientists, causing high variability in results. By automating cancer research, we are cutting down on human error, saving time and money, and increasing research productivity.

At Autuno, we believe that putting reproducibility back into research will help us find a cure faster and cheaper.

http://www.autuno.com | more

BeaconSoft Ltd

Beaconsoft is a UK-based technology company focused on providing products that provide big data-backed intelligence, knowledge and insights into the better use of digital technologies for marketing activity through our “Beacon” suite of software products.

http://thisisbeacon.com | more

Bioinduction Ltd

Bioinduction develops and markets innovative active implantable medical devices for the treatment of neurological conditions.

http://www.bioinduction.com | more

Blue Tea Software

"Business transformation and data analytics applications"

Blue Tea Software was founded in 2014 by technologist Georgios Michalakidis and systems' integration expert David Savage. The business employs software engineers and designers working in advanced data analytics platforms from specification and design, to implementation, deployment and maintenance. Our key product, Entoli™, targets the healthcare sector with Audiovisual control integration and checklists delivered in brilliantly-designed and secure App ecosystem in collaboration with the prominent UK and worldwide...

https://www.tea.blue | more


BluPoint offers an outstanding way of delivering education, health information and targeted communications free at the point of use to people in remote areas using the technology in their pockets. It is our vision to create a profitable business & improve the lives of 20M people in 20,000 communities by 2020.

http://www.blupoint.org | more


BOXARR Ltd is an innovative software company providing a modelling tool that uniquely addresses the growing challenges of managing complex interdependent systems in Aerospace & Defence. The world is becoming more complex, BOXARR solves complexity through simple boxes and arrows, massively scalable and hugely powerful analysis capability. BOXARR is boxes and arrows for the big data age!

http://www.boxarr.com/ | more


Brain-in-Hand's mobile assistive technology supports those with impaired executive function of the brain to live independent lives and receive high quality care at significantly reduced cost.

http://www.brain-in-hand.co.uk | more

Bristol BlueGreen Limited

BlueGreen - the Heart of tomorrow's intelligent home - cost effectively integrating smart voltage management with intelligent energy monitoring forming the hub for the Internet of Things. Guaranteed savings - lower energy consumption - cleaner planet.

http://www.bristolbluegreen.com | more

Build Solar

Following many years of research into integrated solar technologies, a small team from the University of Exeter decided to create a spin-out company to develop some of their innovative ideas.

The company is led by entrepreneur and solar scientist Dr Hasan Baig and world-leading renewable energy scientist Professor Tapas Mallick, in collaboration with Glass Block Technology Limited.

https://www.buildsolar.co.uk/ | more

Built Intelligence Ltd

Built Intelligence (BI): Web based collaborative consultancy for faster, more affordable and smarter results. Consultancy done differently!

http://www.builtintelligence.com | more

C T Designs Ltd

To commercialise an invention - The Leeper: An exercise trainer for the lower limbs; aimed at the mobility impaired
A simple and easy to use device for use 24/7 or as required, without the need for a carer/health professional.
By completing clinical trials / feasibility studies with target market segment participants, and validating the use.
By developing the prototype to final stage for tooling and full production.
Creating a validated medical device class 2b for use in the private sector and the NHS

http://www.theleeper.co.uk | more

C6(n) Technology Limited

C6(n) are the inventors of a Composite MESR-TECNIC building system for reconrigurable structures.

The system is designed to help architecture become more flexible, transformative and adaptive.

It incorporates all the advantages of contemporary science (static, temporary movable) without the corresponding disadvantages of each.

http://www.c6n.co.uk | more


Search the web for other photos taken with the same camera.
Consumer version: http://www.stolencamerafinder.com
Law Enforcement version: https://www.cameraforensics.com

http://www.cameraforensics.com | more

Cascoda Limited

Cascoda Limited was formed in April 2007 to provide semiconductor IP and consultancy to the electronics industry.

http://www.cascoda.com | more

Cerberus Security Laboratories Ltd.

Cerberus Security Laboratories offers advanced hardware and software security consultancy, testing and secure hardware silicon IP for embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

https://cerberus-laboratories.com | more

Ceryx Medical Limited

Ceryx Medical is a start-up from the University of Bath and Bristol to develop the technology of Dr Alain Nogaret (Bath) and Professor Julian Paton (Bristol).

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/www.ceryxmedical.com%20%28not%20yet%20running%29 | more

CH4E Ltd

CH4E has developed a farm scale Anaerobic Digestion solution, in the range of 50 to 150KW.

http://www.ch4e.co.uk | more


CheckRisk is a trusted provider of Risk tech services to many established clients in the financial sector.
Risk is one of the most critical and yet least understood forces in life.
Most investors spend their time chasing the thing they can’t control: returns.
They spend little time thinking about the things they can control that can make a difference: risk, cost and time.
CheckRisk thinks of Risk in the widest possible sense: from macro global economy level to the micro securities using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
CheckRisk has developed, and...

http://www.check-risk.com | more

Chestnut Mobile Ltd.

Building a smart baby monitor


ChG Southampton Ltd

The company's technology, expertise and ability to manufacture high purity novel glasses, draw optical fibre, fabricate bulk optical components, microspheres and thin films is directed toward the markets utilising photonics, optoelectronics and infrared technologies.

http://www.chgsouthampton.com | more

Cibo App Ltd

Cibo is a smart restaurant management & payments platform for hospitality industry, providing an innovative ordering, payments & E-Money banking solution. We are utilizing block chain technology for enhancing traceability and security of orders and payments.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Cibo%20App%20Ltd. | more

Clutch Space Systems Limited

Clutch Space Systems (CSS) provide skills, expertise and systems for the contol, operation and communication with remote satellites and other platforms, including the transmission and reception of payload data for ground processing.

The business has specifically developed expertise in the application of Software Defined Radio technology to Satellites, including developing saleable systems, following 18months of testing and evaluation.

http://www.clutchspace.com | more

CommSOFT Ltd.

Intelligent Automation (IA) Software to Assist in Human Communication - "Multi-Lingual Conversation Automation".

http://www.com-sof.com | more

Community DNS

Offers the next generation internet resolution service, a revolutionary technology that brings an unmatched combination of robustness, stability, performance and security to top level domain registers and ISPs throughout the world at a cost that is affordable to all.

http://www.communitydns.eu | more


Complia is a music technology startup focused on developing novel interfaces for electronic music controllers. Our flagship product is a novel music controller combining hardware and software allowing musicians to create their electronic music in a completely new way. Complia was one of the commended finalists of the New Enterprise Competition at University of Bristol.


Concept First Ltd

Concept First is a business focused IT company working across a diverse range of sectors and specialising in bespoke IT software, support and big data analysis

http://www.conceptfirst.com | more


Developing portable low cost brain imaging to reduce time to treatment for traumatic brain injury by assisting decision making for first responders and monitoring critical patients in real time.

http://cortirio.com | more

Cotham Technologies Limited

Cotham Technologies believe in simplifying technology for app creators and users. The company develops products and technologies for the next wave of innovation and digital transformation in the smart mobile device-cloud area: transforming user experience, productivity and work flow. The mission – ‘Fast simple app creation for all’ is underpinned by the patent-filed FloFrame software platform. Floframe reinvents the app creation process, liberating app supply empowering developers with the speed and simplicity required to tackle the complex art of building mobile apps. Cotham...

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Cotham%20Technologies | more

Coursecheck Ltd

Coursecheck is a Software-as-a-Service business that helps companies running training courses, to collect and analyse feedback from the people they train. Designed as a smart alternative to paper feedback forms, our customers get instant visibility of what’s working well and where they could do better. In addition, training companies can showcase their customer feedback on Coursecheck.com and we are often described as “Tripadvisor for training courses”.

http://www.coursecheck.com | more

Crop Innovations CIO

Crop Innovations aims to improve food security and nutrition as well as increase farmers' income through research and technology adaptation that will facilitate better use and conservation of our genetic resources.

http://crop-innovations.org | more


Crowdcube is the next generation of business investment. It is a new way to fund start-ups and business expansion by giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with ordinary people and raise venture capital.

http://crowdcube.com | more

Custodian Solutions

Custodian Solutions has developed a cloud based anti-counterfeiting platform. It helps large enterprises to secure, track, trace, authenticate and analyse evidence and data as part of their brand protection and product security strategy.
The platform allows enterprises to efficiently identify products at risk and protect consumers. It also allows for thorough enforcement and successful litigation.

http://www.custodiansolutions.com | more

Dartmouth Wave Energy Ltd

DWE has designed and patented a novel wave energy device. Essentially a low cost sea-pump, the unit, or units, will deliver pressured seawater to land for the production of energy or de-salination. The product can also be used for marine-agri applications (fish farms etc.)

http://www.dartmouthwaveenergy.co.uk | more


Dashboard Limited is an early stage technology company formed to develop and market an automated remote monitoring solution for collecting/consolidating near-real-time data from sensors in both remote/accessible locations and for transmitting the data, using satellite/cellular/wireless communications, to a “private cloud” platform for analysis and retention. Analysed data is then presented via a "dashboard" interface, providing a view of the status of the given equipment, process or asset being monitored in real real-time.

http://www.remotedashboard.io | more

Decenture Ltd

Decenture is a EdTech company developing an institutional SaaS accounting and treasury product that sits on top of a permissioned blockchain network. It provides audibility and enforcement of fund usage in the higher educational ecosystem.

Our software suite for higher education uses blockchain based automated validation of grant and loan spends, as well as low friction auditing for funding providers and compliance. The network participants are governments, grant issuing organizations, loan issuing organizations, donors and universities and of course students. They form the Higher...

http://decenture.com/ | more

DenGro Limited

A lead management tool and CRM for the dental industry.

http://dengro.com | more

DesAcc EMEA Ltd

DesAcc develops software and provides services for accessing and acting upon health data, breaking down the silos that plague every healthcare institution. Having previously focused on the Radiology, Cardiology and Oncology verticals with its Data Continuity Engine product, it will soon be building upon its offerings by releasing Digital Jacket™, its Data Lake platform designed specifically for Machine Learning.

http://www.desacc.com | more


We provide an accurate pervasive positioning solution for handheld portable devices



DotWorks develops AI based assessment software to make recruitment better, faster, fairer, and cheaper.

http://www.dotworks.works | more


Duel is a Customer Advocacy Marketing platform that helps brands and retailers sell more by turning their customers into advocates. This advocacy builds emotional connection and makes every element of a company’s marketing, advertising, and eCommerce more effective.

https://duel.tech | more


Dynamon is a university spinout company which recommends tailored fuel saving methods for the transportation industry. The company was founded by Angus Webb, a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. The business has developed two analytics products which use software directly linked to vehicle telematics data.

http://dynamon.co.uk/ | more

Eadie Developments Ltd

Link-ages is an app platform designed to enhance the lives of older people by helping them to connect with their families digitally. In the UK there are 4.8M people over 55 who are not online according to the latest figures. Although statistics show that many older people do not see the benefits of being online, our research indicated that using email or social media to communicate is a popular driver of engagement.
We believe that with our well-designed product we can impact this market and we have already received recognition, including during our development and prototyping...

http://www.link-ages.com | more


EcoPowerSoft is a value-adding data service offering process data collection, analytics and remote monitoring and diagnostics to small-scale renewable power stations. Using our experience and intellectual property in the renewable energy sector, we develop bespoke analytics, dashboards and displays for our customers to enable them to make use of their process data and run their plants more effectively and efficiently.

http://www.ecopowersoft.com | more

Edson Tiger Ltd

The team, made up of former military, intelligence and security experts, provide a range of services consisting of risk management advisory and protective services, including specialist technology for on the ground support and personnel training, tracking software and communications equipment.

http://edsontiger.com/ | more

Elucidata Ltd

We are a software engineering team with our roots in data science. Over the years we have learned that the key to making effective use of data for AI and decisioning lies in excellent software craftsmanship.

https://www.elucidata.co.uk | more

Embarr Software Ltd

Embarr Software Ltd provides software as a service products enabling businesses of all sizes to gain easy access to the true benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud including:
• Global scalability & performance
• Cognitive services
• Artificial intelligence
• Enterprise media capabilities
• Enterprise security and risk management

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Embarr%20Development%20Ltd | more

Enova Consulting Ltd

We deliver a unique, meaningful, creative storytelling experience enabled by immersive technology.
We bring to life the history and beauty of museums and galleries, increasing the audience’s engagement by delivering exciting, innovative content in an appealing visual format.


Epitomical Ltd

Today, a new generation of vehicles is emerging, vehicles that are connected, increasingly autonomous and challenge our assumptions about how they will operate and interact for our benefit in the future. This technological revolution will change how our society functions, improving safety and efficiency, and reducing congestion and emissions.

Epitomical is building exciting new technology for the future of Transportation where connected vehicles are a key requirement for future autonomous transportation systems. We will enable this through a combination of our in-vehicle and...

http://www.epitomical.com | more

Eventz International Corporation Ltd

Eventz International operates destination guides, city guides and event guides on its Eventz.today Platform as SaaS. Customers include city governments and local councils, media and property developers

http://aboutus.eventz.today | more

Evolve Dynamics

Custom UAV solutions designer and manufacturer specialising in long endurance, heavy lift platforms with AI machine vision collision avoidance and working towards personal autonomous aerial transport of the future.


EZ Education creators of Doodlemaths

DoodleMaths: a personalised learning system for maths, unique in that it constructs an ongoing study program based on the user’s individual strengths and weaknesses. It is currently in the form of an iPad app. It is the top-grossing primary-aged maths app currently in the UK App Store.

http://www.doodlemaths.co.uk | more


Fable make Podcast discovery simple, accessible and fun.

http://www.fableaudio.co | more

Farrow Creative Limited

Multi-discipline design agency. Specialising in branding and website design.

http://www.farrowcreative.co.uk | more


FaultFixers is the only customer-focused solution that allows, and more importantly encourages, building users to easily communicate location-specific building issues to their services providers in less than 30 seconds, and receive feedback updates throughout resolution.

http://www.faultfixers.com | more

Fixxr Ltd

We are Alison and Jemma, co-founders of Fixxr Limited – a very new Tech Startup inspired by successful ‘Dragons’ Den’ wins at both #basinghack and #BSKstartup in 2016 & 2017.


Fluence World Ltd

Fluence takes the guesswork out of education planning.

Our cutting-edge content-analysis technology crunches through training and workplace content, to reveal the most efficient way of teaching it to students.

Uploading content to our platform allows us to reveal the core educational requirements of any course, to understand the knowledge gap between subject and student, and to optimise order of introduction for new content.

We are producing a new generation of intelligent teaching and learning tools that adapt autonomously to target whatever will have the greatest...

http://www.fluence.world | more

Forever Pace t/a VisitAR

VisitAR aims to simplify the way organisations deliver digital history tours, through the use of augmented reality technology.

http://www.visitar.london | more

Fresh Relevance

Email Personalisation, Triggered messages, Basket Abandonment emails, On-site personalisation.

http://www.triggeredmessaging.com/ | more

Frigesco Ltd

Development of energy efficient freezer systems.

http://Frigesco.com | more

Frugl Ltd

Frugl is a location-based platform for offers and experiences that helps monetise public WiFi.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Frugl | more

FuelStretcher Ltd

Fuelstretcher has developed a patented algorithm for enhancing boiler efficiency.

http://www.fuelstretcher.co.uk | more


Fundsurfer is a hybrid crowdfunding and commercial funding platform. We provide crowdfunding and access to a range of funding options for projects and companies.

https://www.fundsurfer.com | more

Gamification Nation Ltd

Gamification Nation brings games psychology and gaming technology together to craft solutions to increase workplace productivity and performance. In November 2017, Gamification Nation was awarded the “Outstanding Gamification Agency Award” through recognition from peers in the industry.

http://Www.gamificationnation.com | more


Data is power. Imagine how much more power companies can have when data makes sense and is modelled and visualised in different ways. Our mission is to help people make sense of data. Our breakthrough innovative services help decision makers answer complex questions and solve problems by simply clicking the 'Enter' button. With us, making sense of data is fast and easy.

http://www.gapsquare.com | more

Gen3D Ltd

Gen3D provides software and consulting solutions for additively manufactured (3D printed) components.


Good Sixty

Local guide and retail platform

http://www.goodsixty.com | more

GraphixAsset Ltd

GraphixAsset, developers of eMAR
eMAR is a hand held electronic medication recording solution, complete with built-in safety features to ensure that medication is administered reliably. Perfect for supported living environments where compliance and security are paramount, eMAR is easy to use for both Managers and Support Workers alike. eMAR is already showing significant reductions in medication errors for our customers, saving time and money, and improving safety.

http://www.graphixasset.com | more

Green Running

Provides energy monitoring and management tools to help businesses view and manage energy consumption and costs.

http://greenrunning.com | more

GreenKan Ltd t/a fastgardener

At fastgardener we save you time by enabling you to book a gardener in seconds. All your gardening essentials are included in a simple hourly rate.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/GreenKan%20Limited | more

GWT Insight Ltd

Disruptive InsurTech hardware technology supplier with supporting cloud and consulting services

https://gwtinsight.com/ | more

Handaxe CIC

Handaxe CIC was founded in February 2014 by Dr David Coyle and Dr Gary O’Reilly. We develop new technologies to support mental health services. Our first product, Pesky gNats, is a computer game that supports Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions for young people aged 9-17. It provides targeted support for young people experiencing anxiety and depression. These are the most common mental health disorders in the UK. The software was developed through a project funded by the Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) at the University of Bristol. Dr...

http://www.peskygnats.com | more

Helastel Limited

Helastel is based in Bristol and makes bespoke software, websites and applications for clients in the UK and overseas. We have created software that has transformed businesses and made people’s lives easier. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with clients – most have now stayed with us for five years or more.

Helastel is small company with a big reach. We manage projects of great complexity for a company of our size. We’re proud to be commercially aware as well as highly technical, to be able to communicate well and to understand your customers, and your...

http://www.helastel.com | more

HellyHolly Ltd.

HellyHolly - smart assistance for busy families

http://www.mykairo.com | more

Hirst Magnetics Instruments Ltd

Hirst Magnetics Instruments designs and makes gaussmeters (for the measurement of magnetic fields) and magnetiser s for production or research applications

http://www.hirst-magnetics.com | more


Everyone deserves to look good and feel great in what they wear. Whatever their age, shape or budget. Welcome HOLM. Personalisation software for fashion brands and retailers. We match clothes to customers. Accurate recommendation from day one. Works in-store and online. Creates data set to disrupt an industry.

http://www.myHOLM.com | more

Hotel Treats

Hoteltreats.com is a marketplace for luxury experiences provided by selected hotels. Offering a multitude of curated treats it is the go-to site for buying treats for oneself, as well as gift vouchers.

We have also created branded online shops for clients such as Fairmont, St. Regis, and The Luxury Collection. With no setup fees and hassle-free rollout, hotels can start selling gift vouchers through their own online shops today.

http://www.hoteltreats.com | more

Humankind Ventures Ltd (trading as Forth)

Forth is a digital health tracking service which gives people the power to test, track and optimise key internal biomarkers integral to health, wellbeing and performance. The service allows people to understand their body like never before and supports them in taking action to improve their health & performance.

The business meets the growing demand for a fast, convenient and accessible health service which is currently unmet by NHS GPs. Forth will capitalize on the growing engagement by consumers in proactively managing their own health and the desire to gain greater control....

http://www.forthwithlife.co.uk | more

HyperTeknologies Ltd

HyperTeknologies is in the business of providing equipment and expertise for the miniaturisation, multiplexing and automation of assays for diagnostics and life sciences.

http://Www.hyperteknologies.com | more

Immersionn (360 Effects Ltd)

Immersionn is a Virtual Reality Exploration Engine
We allow people to become virtual travelers and discover freely things they would never know. We aim for VR resources to be universally accessible from the internet and from any mobile device

http://www.immersionn.com | more

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs have built a gamified, social platform that streams cyber labs to end users, enabling them to acquire and develop practical skills that are measured and reported to the business’ C-suite.

We are launching a free version for Academia called the Digital Cyber Academy. This will enable students in the UK in any form of higher or further education to learn practical cyber skills. We then enable businesses to identify talent based on skills demonstrated rather than background, subject, age, nationality etc. This will hopefully lead to a natural increase in diversity as...

http://immersivelabs.co.uk | more

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD specialise in mobile technology for people with cognitive disabilities, We provide expert advice and innovative products to the industry.

http://www.inclusivemediasolutions.co.uk | more

Industrial Phycology

Using the founder teams in-depth knowledge of algae and the waste water industry Industrial phycology has developed a new patent pending treatment system. This will allow the WW industry to cost effectively meet the new legislation. Our self contained modular system uses algae to remove the problem chemicals and can be easily scaled depending on the treatment works requirements. The key benefits over current solutions are:
•Recovery of nutrients including phosphate which is already past peak production
•Make use of carbon emissions helping to meet reduction targetshttp://www.i-phyc.com/ | more

Inovo Robotics Ltd

Inovo designs and manufactures low cost modular robotics arms for use in manufacturing SMEs, research and education



INSPHERE is a specialist metrology integrator with a range of products and services serving the needs of advanced manufacturing companies. INSPHERE delivers technical solutions that increase the productivity and performance of manufacturing systems.

http://www.insphereltd.com | more

InsPro Ltd

InsPro is a limited SME start-up company formed in January 2017.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/SNS | more

Interactive Scientific Ltd

Interactive Scientific Ltd (iSci) is a multi-award-winning company which is dedicated to the development of transformative, tactile digital and analogue experiences that explore the scientific world.

Interactive Scientific’s primary product is Nano Simbox, a software platform that has been developed using rigorous molecular design simulations, sound pedagogy and intuitive design to make the invisible world of atoms and molecules visible for science learners and researchers.

Nano Simbox connects our everyday observations with the scientific phenomena that no one can see,...

http://www.nanosimbox.com | more


Estate Planning - now for the rest of us.

Legally binding wills and trusts. Smart, simple and comprehensive. Created online in as little as 15 minutes.

http://Intrusted.co.uk | more

Inzura LTD

We are a Platform as a Service provider for motor insurance providers. We enable the rapid migration of insurance customers onto a customer and app centric insurance experience.


IoTechnics Ltd

IoTechnics is a hardware and software design house specialising in edge devices connected to the cloud using low-power wireless communications technologies. We have identified a gap in the RFID reader market for clothing retailers and we are in the process of developing a product to fill this gap.

http://www.iotechnics.com | more


IPROS CUBE provides Internet cloud solutions for business performance improvement, Compliance and Risk Management.

http://www.iproscube.com | more

Join Dementia Research

Over 25 million people in the UK have a friend or
family member with dementia.
We are trying to make a difference through medical research. Help by signing up now.

By signing up, you will be able to:

* Find the studies that match your information.

* Connect with researchers to show an interest in their studies.

* Discover exciting new studies.

* Help us improve dementia care and treatment.


Kelda Showers Limited

Kelda Showers optimise the use of energy and water in showers without compromising performance.

http://www.keldashowers.com | more

Kelly M Ltd

This is an e-commerce business in the affordable luxury category offering an online personalised hair studio for the busy working woman.


Kensa Heat Pumps Ltd

UK's only ground source heat pump design and manufacturing company. Kensa produces a range of easy to install ground source heat pumps and heat capture ground coils.

http://www.kensaengineering.com | more

KETS Quantum Security Ltd

KETS quantum security enables the strongest digital encryption in a practical and deployable integrated quantum photonics platform.



NurseryBook (www.nurserybook.co), an Early Years Educational Technology company, is passionate about giving all children the best start in life no matter their social or economic background.

NurseryBook’s intuitive, specialist app makes the Early Years experience better, by using technology to increase valuable time on a child’s learning & development journey and embedding Early Years best practice, while saving childcare practitioners time & money and increasing positive parent engagement.

NurseryBook, a UK-based company,...

https://kinderly.co.uk | more

Kitchin Table

Kitchin Table is a mobile app the connects like minded women by industry or skill to work together at home. Users can search by location, date and desired industry/skill for a Kitchin Table (coworking space) pay and attend, we also have in app messaging and community. Hosts post their space on the app and charge guests a fee, we take 7 percent of that.
#Airbnb for coworking"

http://kitchintable.com | more


Korusys provides consulting services and develops custom Intellectual Property products in the telecommunications segment.

http://www.korusys.com | more

Kraft Maus Ltd

Kraft Maus designs and builds off-grid renewable energy power generation and management systems in static, mobile and portable configurations to meet requirements for unattended/remote, autonomous power.

http://www.kraftmaus.com | more


Kuldea is an online marketplace and comparison website for home furniture and furnishings. The company is founded by Ray Wright and Deirdre Mc Gettrick who began developing the platform after experiencing difficulty furnishing their own home in 2017.

http://www.kuldea.com | more

LettUs Grow Ltd

LettUs Grow is a UK-based agricultural technology company that is revolutionising irrigation efficiency in vertical farms. We use our seamless integration of vertical farming hardware, sensory data capture, and networked data, to create a powerful farm management solution for the vertical farming industry.

http://www.lettusgrow.com | more

LiketoBe Ltd

LiketoBe is an digital networking platform helping to raise student aspirations and support business recruitment.

http://www.LiketoBe.org | more

Livewire Digital Ltd

Livewire Digital is a private, limited company with over 25 years’ experience in enabling communications from extremely hostile environments whilst working with some exceptionally demanding clients in the broadcast and maritime sectors.

https://www.livewire.co.uk | more

Living DNA Ltd

Living DNA is a personal genomics company allowing individuals to take a DNA test and discover amazing things about themselves including all about their ancestry, where they come from and how they are connected to people across the world.

http://www.livingdna.com | more

Living Systems Technology

Living Systems Technology provides low cost, high-throughput, ethical solutions for researchers who require alternatives to mammalian research models.

http://www.livingsystemstechnology.com | more

Low and Behold

Low and Behold specialises in resourceful solutions to reduce the impacts of the way we live today. We impact our environment in two ways: firstly by changing the climate through the production and release of greenhouse gases and secondly by depleting valuable resources.

http://lowandbehold.co.uk | more

LuJam Security Ltd

The Threat from Cyber Security is sky-rocketing and SMEs do not have the means to mitigate the latest risks. The Business provides an innovative real-time solution based on a subscription model that protects your network and all devices attached to it. Furthermore, the user receives jargon free alerts and daily summaries reporting cyber security threats and risks.

http://www.lujam.com | more

Lumio Technologies Ltd

nudgg is an independent money platform, built to solve the widespread millennial problem of apathy & confusion when it comes to money management.

The motivation for nudgg is to empower people to make smarter money choices, faster.

We do this by delivering the convenience of everything you need to make better informed decisions in one place.

Customers are able to view all their accounts in one place, make real-time intuitive comparison & consume relevant knowledge at their fingertips. Having this resource in one place, allows customers to identify the latest...

http://nudgg.co.uk/ | more

Ma's House Ltd

F.N. Fashion and Textile Designs is a pending launch start up business. Created by Faye Clarke a freelance fashion and textile graduate currently studying for her Masters of Research at the University of Portsmouth.
The main aim of the business is to empower disabled people within the fashion market by harnessing technology and innovation, with the result that people will feel less segregated within the retail industry.
The first part of this business (for which a basic proof of concept has been developed with further development in progress) is a smart labelling system for...


Made Open Communications Ltd

Made Open Communications Ltd is a Service Design and Digital Innovation company. We help communities, businesses and public sector organisations create social change.

http://www.madeopen.co.uk | more

ManagePlaces Limited

Comprehensive all-in-one solution for construction management and property investment

https://www.manageplaces.com | more

Mapyx Limited

Mapyx is a Geographical Solutions Company and was initially solely involved in providing mapping solutions to walkers and hikers, but subsequently in developed Search & Rescue Management Solutions which is in use with Police Forces, Mountain Rescue, Lowland Rescue, Fire Services and the MOD. Further demand led to the development of a specific Police package for both missing person search and counter terrorist planning and management. The products were developed in conjunction with serving Police Officers to provide an effective solution to modern day search objectives. The suite of...

http://www.mapyx.com | more

Marmot Labs LTD

Marmot Labs provides software solutions that improve the effectiveness of anxiety and phobia therapy using virtual reality and biofeedback. We use a novel approach where the virtual reality environment is controlled by each person biofeedback.

https://www.marmotlabs.io | more

MathEmbedded Ltd.

MathEmbedded is a provider of technical security and software development services for connected devices.
We support our customers to design, assess and develop secure products.
We operate in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets and are able to provide pragmatic, cost effective services that meet the needs of these mass markets.

http://www.mathembedded.com | more


Metasonics technology offers ultra-high fidelity control over sound, giving you the capability to shape, direct and focus sound waves in real time. Existing directional audio devices are static and cumbersome, making them unsuitable for personalised use. Metasonics employs metamaterial bricks that can seamlessly adapt the direction and power of sound waves, enabling miniaturisation of the technology and offering the flexibility to do more with sound.

https://www.metasonics.co.uk/ | more

Minibems Limited

Minibems is a demand management system for complex heating systems that enables improved efficiency and fule costs savings thanks to intelligent control and monitoring technology, paired with integrated billing. Providing cloud-based visibility of all aspects of your heat network, Minibems identifies and utilises opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and fuel bills.

http://www.minibems.co.uk | more


ModMyPi LTD was founded in February 2012 following the public release of the ground-breaking Raspberry Pi Model B, a revolutionary new mini-computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK based charity.

ModMyPi was started by a final year student at the University of Exeter with support from the Innovation Centre.

http://www.modmypi.com | more

Molli Baby Ltd

Innovative new baby’s soother which is providing enhanced relief and comfort for unhappy and restless babies.

http://www.kudobaby.com | more


moorspace is on a mission to be the global platform for booking any berth, anywhere.

http://moorspace.co | more

Motion Impossible

We make remote platforms used in TV, Film, VR, Safety inspection, Military and Defence.

http://www.motion-impossible.com | more

Mysokoni Limited

The disability/accessibility products market is growing each year, from mobility to daily living products. For consumers/carers/family members it is challenging to review and compare products as they are listed on many different websites and it is often difficult to know what products are available.

Mysokoni.co.uk is the first marketplace dedicated to the disabled/accessibility market in the UK. Our aim is to develop the Amazon of disabled/accessible products, where vendors from all other Europe and beyond can list their products and consumers can compare and purchase.


http://www.mysokoni.co.uk | more


Netclearance Systems are the hardware manufacturing partner for beacontent. They manufacture a range of BlueTooth and WiFi radio beacons.

We have recently established a presence in Europe and are now appointing resellers in vertical channels to support sales of this new technology.

http://www.netclearancesystems.com | more


Nu Nano Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy and other cantilever-based sensor devices. It was founded in 2011 by Dr James Vicary and Professors Heinrich Hoerber and Mervyn Miles to bring new manufacturing methods and exemplary levels of customer service to an industry broadly unchanged in 20 years.

http://www.nunano.com | more

Observant Innovations Ltd

Observant is developing a range of smart panoramic cameras which provide undistorted, high resolution continuous 360° surveillance.

http://www.observant-innovations.com/pages/home.html | more

Omniscope Limited

Provision of intelligence services from a leading technology platform fusing sources from across the web.

http://omniscope.uk | more


OnCorps is the decision analytics company that intelligently nudges individuals to drive maximum team performance. Nudges are little tweaks to the decision making process, like providing timely information in advance of a decision. Our mobile nudging apps provide a way for large companies to rapidly communicate with employees in a targeted way and support their decisions. And, using our platform, our engaging apps can be rapidly configured, deployed and changed. OnCorps data science applications identify, create and apply the data large companies need to get big gains.

http://www.oncorps.org | more

One Big Circle

One Big Circle provides momentum to projects - delivering high-speed solutions across a range of industries using both current and developing technology.

http://www.myactionreplay.com | more

OneDot Automation Limited (trading as Inventyourhome)

Inventyourhome is a smart-home solution start-up which focuses on utilizing Artificial Intelligence and modern technologies to develop innovative and cost-effective home automation products. This enables us to provide an intelligent and personalized smart-home environment along with a user-friendly experience which makes us stand out from the current market offerings.

http://www.inventyourhome.com | more


onPony is a digital platform that connects people traveling with people looking to send something, allowing users to earn while traveling and save on deliveries. Our goal is to transform the delivery process, creating an experience that is convenient, affordable, and beneficial for all users.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/onPony | more

Order Take Away Ltd

Supply marketing and order fulfilment via Apps and Website to restaurant to grow their business and by charging commission make it affordable and very profitable.

http://www.ordertakeaway.com | more

OSBI Limited (Trading as Meteorite BI)

Meteorite BI is a specialist information management company. We provide software, cloud based hosting and consultancy to deliver data analytics to our customers.

http://www.meteorite.bi/ | more

OutThink Ltd

OutThink - world's first Cyber Security Culture platform


https://www.outthinkthreats.com/ | more

Owow Innovations Ltd

Builders of augmented reality experiences/apps for retail, marketing and healthcare

http://www.owowinnovations.co.uk | more

Parabola Research Limited

Digital video compression, analysis and conformance.

http://www.parabolaresearch.com/index.html | more

Patcher Ltd

Patcher is a pay as you go car repair, recovery, and breakdown app that connects users to local quality, vetted mechanics within a 10-15 mile radius of their incident.

http://www.patcher.co.uk | more

Peoplespace Group

Peoplespace Group offers management consultancy, technology tools and design services, for optimizing the business benefits of office accommodation strategy, agile working and work space design.
A Smart Trilogy, of integrated people, property and technology expertise, enables Peoplespace to improve workplace performance and support the corporate goals, for organizations of all shapes and sizes.
For each client, Peoplespace can help to significantly reduce their real estate overheads and recruitment costs, while improving business performance and sustainability and while...

http://peoplespacegroup.com | more

Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems is a software development company focused on Phoenix-RTOS - a real-time, configurable operating system for configurable processors used in modern embedded systems.

http://www.phoesys.com/ | more

Pinweld Ltd

Pinweld Ltd are developing a high accuracy plastic welding instrument for the repair of plastic automotive components. This innovative instrument will effectively weld cracks in an extensive range of plastic materials. This will enable technicians to repair rather than replace a range of components, lowering the cost of minor impact repairs and reducing plastic waste generated.

http://www.pinweld.co.uk | more

Pplus products skin care ltd

Pplus Skin Care Limited is a UK-registered company founded in 2014 by Dr Mitra Najafi(MD), a multi award winning cosmetic clinician who has developed the first prototype of Pplus products which provide pain free, none-invasive and more affordable application of the PRP technology( platelet rich plasma)which currently is only available in form of injections. An innovative product tailor made and unique for every individual using their own blood plasma to speed up wound healing and rejuvenation in their body.

http://www.pplusproducts.co.uk | more


Platform for startup PR: hosting a community of startups and freelance PRs with tools built on top, to automate typical PR processes - an agency-level service on a SaaS business model. Offering startups access to talented professionals and a flexible service model.

http://www.pprconsulting.co.uk | more

PreciselySo Ltd

PreciselySo is an independent consultancy that specialises in providing test and measurement, control and data acquisition services. Since our inception in 1999 many have turned to PreciselySo for innovative support data acquisition services

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Peninsula%20Innovations | more

Prospect Networks Ltd

We're dedicated to delivering Cisco Meeting Server conferencing solutions that are tailored to your business and simple to use.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/TBC | more


Pulsenotes is a fresh take on undergraduate medical revision. We dissect medicine of its complexity - visually stunning resources, consistent quality and simple explanations. We offer our users high-quality video lectures covering a range of medical topics complemented by comprehensive, yet concise, revision notes and applied self-assessment. Made by students for students we aim to create an online learning platform that engages and challenges.

http://www.pulsenotes.com | more

Pushme Bikes Limited

Pushme is the first plug & play system that electrifies delivery bicycles with bottomless energy. Swap batteries on the go from pushpods in centrally located convinience stores and never run out of charge again.



We believe managing your money should be easy, smart, transparent and quick, and there is no reason why all this can’t be consolidated on a central platform so the end user has a “One-Stop-Shop”, which gives them better visibility to their money and their net worth, as well as showing you them their credit rating to assist decisions.

We are creating the ability to not just see spending habits and how they can set themselves budgets around this, which is what most fintechs are doing today, but we also want to influence and change customer behaviour, through the utilisation of...

http://www.QBick.com | more

Quadible Ltd

We are a UK based agency providing software development services. Specialised in mobile and web development, having several years of experience in the software industry and through agile development methods we aim to deliver on time and on budget high quality products. Our fields of expertise are mobile and wearable technologies, machine learning and Internet of things.



Quol is an online marketplace, creating video-on-demand, pay per view, courses with leading experts that can help improve your quality of life.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Mr | more


Rainsense has developed a unique and patent pending rainwater recovery solution.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/N/a | more


Data breaches cost the US Economy $64 billion each year. RazorSecure will take the pain out of securing servers, in under 60 seconds.

FireEye (one of the market leaders in data security) reports on time on detect and respond to a hack. In 2015 they reported that the average time to detect a breach was 205 days, and only 31% of businesses detect the hack themselves.

RazorSecure detects breaches in seconds, reducing the impact on businesses and the severity of the any breach.

http://www.razorsecure.com | more

REAPsystems Ltd.

Electronic battery management circuits, system integration, consultancy and complete solutions for Li-ion battery systems.

http://www.reapsystems.co.uk | more

Rebel Futures

Rebel Futures delivers consultancy and develops propositions in the Information Security and Cyber Security Innovation space.

http://www.rebelfutures.com | more

RedLux Ltd

RedLux Ltd develops form metrology instruments for precision components in medical, aviation and automotive applications.

http://www.redlux.net | more

RemoteHealth Tech Limited

RemoteHealth Tech is a digital health software development company focused on developing remote heart rhythm monitoring and diagnostics services using wearable technology.

http://www.remotehealthtech.co.uk/ | more

Restorepoint Ltd

Disaster Recovery, Automation and Compliance for Information Networks.

http://www.restorepoint.com | more

Retinascan Limited

Development and provision to customers of machine learning system trained and configured to aid efficient analysis of medical images.

http://www.r-answer.com | more

Revel Innovation

A software development and product innovation company. Revel have developed a flexible core technology platform for intelligent data management which synchronises with mobile smartphone application

http://www.revel.org.uk | more

Revenergy Limited

Smart energy products and services development to serve the energy needs of homes and businesses in a low carbon environment


Rezcomm commerce Technology

The leading provider of travel and parking reservation systems.
Established in Bideford, Rezcomm started out as a traditional travel agency called
“Let’s go travel”. Following a shift in the market, the firm changed their focus
from high street sales to the development of online reservation technology and specialist industry software, and subsequently rebranded as Rezcomm.

http://rezcomm.com/ | more


RioVIDEO is a consultancy focused on emerging video technologies in Broadcast Television.
We can assist you with your understanding of HEVC and UHD through stream generation and network interoperability.

We also have many years of compression R&D experience and can assist with in-house development activities.

http://www.riovideo.co.uk/ | more

Risk Reasoning Limited

Risk Management Software & Services

http://www.riskreasoning.co.uk/ | more

RoboK Limited

RoboK is a Cambridge based start-up in computer vision.



Is an independent and certified test house and analysis lab for opto- and microelectronics. Europe wide leading in the service portfolio, RoodMicrotec forms the ideal alternative to a built-up of an own test and analysis department.

https://www.roodmicrotec.com | more

Routeshoot Limited

RouteShoot is a smart phone application and a web based content management system that allows users to easily collect and manage geo-referenced videos online.

RouteShoot is in use worldwide by organisations involved in many different activities including disaster relief, aerial surveillance, highway inspections and damage prevention.

http://www.routeshoot.com | more

RX Info

RX-Info recognises the pressing need for current and relevant data and information to enable medicines usage to be closely monitored for quality, safety and cost. Based in Exeter, Devon, Rx-info continues its programme of research and development to respond to the requirements of Chief pharmacists and NHS Hospital Trusts. Our company ethos is to help primary and secondary care professionals work quickly, efficiently and with expert data and reports to ensure best practice throughout the industry.

http://rx-info.co.uk | more

SAL Scientific Ltd

SAL Scientific is a private company headquartered at Southampton Science Park, UK. Building on many years experience developing cell based assays, detection technologies and associated software we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services to the drug discovery and diagnostic industries.


Salesforecast Limited

SaaS application that improves B2B sales forecasting


Satchel Messaging Ltd

KAPA is a software platform for amateur sport clubs.

http://www.getkapa.com | more

Savvney CIC

Savvney is a social enterprise dedicated to work with organisations to improve staff's financial well-being, by delivering an unbiased workplace-based financial education program coupled with an online video-based subscription service.

http://savvney.com | more

Screen Time Labs

Screen Time Labs develops an app that lets parents manage the time their children spend on their tablets and smartphones.

http://screentimelabs.com | more

Secure Harvests Ltd.

A project management and enterprise development company specialising in biotech and agritech.

http://secure-harvests.com | more

Securious Ltd

Securious, founded in 2007, is a cyber security compliance company based in Devon. We are a Payment Card Industry QSA company and Cyber Essentials Certification body. We provide end to end security consultancy solutions, including gap analysis for PCI DSS and ISO 27001 together with penetration testing and Cyber Essentials compliance to keep you, your business and your private data safer online.

Securious is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company meaning they are an independent security organisation that has been qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to validate an...

http://securious.co.uk | more

SeeData Ltd

SeeData helps organisations make the most of their data and integrate their operations with bespoke software.

http://seedata.co.uk | more

Senseye Ltd

Senseye was formed at the end of 2014 to exploit the dramatic shifts happening as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can be applied to support businesses operate their machines and equipment more reliably and at a lower cost. Drawing on technologies and approaches from the high end asset management products used in aerospace and defence, an affordable and easy-to-use product, Sensight, is under development and will be released by the end of 2015.

http://www.senseye.io | more

Shift2Go Limited

On-demand staffing platform that links local skilled staff with available shifts at the click of a button.

http://www.shift2go.co.uk | more

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd is a technology company that is developing products to deliver modern lighting controls that unifies legacy systems and save time, save money and get IoT ready.

https://www.sigmatech360.com | more

Sigma Technical Limited

Sigma Technical is an engineering consultancy and design company specialising in the design and development of innovative new hardware. The company works with clients to develop products as well as developing internally conceived projects.


Silicon Basis

Silicon Basis provides the Semiconductor Industry with Really Low Power SRAM compilers on advanced nodes. The power saving comes from the novel patent pending architecture developed by the Company.

http://www.siliconbasis.com | more

Silverpoint Outdoor Ltd

New outdoor accessory Brand in led lighting and clothing.

http://www.silverpointoutdoor.com/ | more

Smart Separations Ltd

Smart Separations, Ltd. (SSL) has developed a proprietary filter that can be tailored to suit many different applications in the global - yet underdeveloped - microfiltration (MF) industry. This filter will provide a more controlled, versatile, and low-cost solution for several industries, including stem cell & blood research, air filtration, lowering of industrial emissions and even food & drink processing. The company’s core team comprises nine team members, who share over 70 years of experience between them in both business and research environments.

http://www.smartseparations.com | more

SNAP Sponsorship Ltd

We are the world’s first online, end-to-end, sponsorship broking and management platform that harnesses the power of 'team' to share best practice and aggregate value for brands. We have created the Amazon for sponsorship.

http://www.snapsponsorship.com | more


SoftIron is a technology innovations company focused at bringing low energy servers and networking devices to the market.

http://www.softiron.co.uk | more


SPARC-E Ltd is focused on delivering significant optimisation to end to end IT system architecture for any businesses with IT systems who are looking to reduce IT costs and improve user experience.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/SPARC-E%20Ltd | more


SSBN was formed out of the University of Bristol in 2014, in response to the need for globally available flood data. The group’s leader, Prof. Paul Bates, was awarded the Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize in 2012 and SSBN were runners up in NERC impact awards 2015.

Essentially, the company builds computer models that allow clients to assess their exposure to flooding, with global coverage. The company is currently working across multiple industries including the (re)insurance, international development, conservation, disaster response and aid sectors. The company is also undertaking...

http://www.ssbn.co.uk | more

StaffCircle Ltd

StaffCircle provides a staff experience platform which digitises sentiment, communication, training, ideas, tasks and directory and delivers it to staff via the smartphone in their pocket. This reduces staff attrition and creates greater employee engagement, empowerment and productivity.

https://bit.ly/staffcircle | more

StatsBomb Services Ltd

StatsBomb Services provides football analytics software and consultancy services to football clubs, player agents and the media.

http://www.statsbombservices.com | more

Stordeo Ltd

Stordeo is a video production company that has developed a unique process using a combination of technology, appropriate use of creativity and focus on clients bottom-line, to deliver high-quality video at an affordable price.
Stordeo works with small & medium sized businesses (SMEs), startups, charities and social enterprises in London and the South East who have a great story to tell and would like to use high-quality video but do not have the capacity, skills and expertise in-house and limited budget. We make high-quality videos quick and affordable.

http://stordeo.com | more


StudentTenant.com is the UK's largest national online student letting agent. We advertise and manage private properties, large institutional halls and work directly with several universities.
In addition, we have launched ClickTenant.com, a national online letting agent for all properties.

http://www.studenttenant.com | more

Symbios Group

Dating services powered by our newly developed interaction engine.

http://www.symbiosgroup.co.uk | more

Synseer Limited

Synseer is a SaaS platform for leaders and managers – enabling faster collaborative decision making and problem solving with multiple stakeholders, without the need for a meeting. It is underpinned by a Virtual Facilitator using analytics and Machine Learning to drive faster, simpler and better decisions. Following 12 months of R&D, prototyping and market testing with 100+ business leaders, we built the product in 2017 and launched in 2018 with our MVP. We made our first sales to a £1bn+ multi-national and have early traction with growth companies, project managers and the research...

Http://www.synseer.com | more

Tabbre Ltd

Design, development and hosting of a publicly accessible scalable blockchain infrastructure using a permissioned multi-threaded blockchain. The adoption of blockchain technology is being held back because current blockchains (e.g EThereum & Bitcoin) have very limited transactional capacity (typically less than 10 tx/s) and have very high transaction charges especially if a transaction is urgent. They also process transactions slowly.
The Tabbre technology solves these three problems.

http://tabbre.com | more

Tealight Hospitality Services Ltd

Tealight is a marketplace business serving two stakeholders: consumers and restaurants.

We enable personalised restaurant recommendations for consumers and deliver actionable consumer data to restaurants enabling them to personalise their service offering to maximise LTV.

Our vision is to create the next generation hospitality platform.

Tealight was founded by Tom and Ben, experienced in their fields of tech and commercial respectively.

Since inception we've achieved early traction with consumers and restaurants and run manual testing exercises indicating...

http://www.tealight.co | more

Theta Technologies

Theta Technologies provides cost effective non-linear acoustic technology for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of traditional and composite materials and layered structures.

http://www.thetatech.co.uk | more

Think Cyber Security

A UK company developing products that reinvent the delivery of end-user security education and awareness training.

http://www.thinkcyber.co.uk | more

Tickitto AI

Tickitto is the first ticket assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. Tickitto makes ticket discovery and buying easier for anyone, anywhere. Built to understand 22 different languages, users are seamlessly connected to experiences they will love. For Ticket vendors, this ultimately enables faster conversion and higher sales revenue.

https://tickitto.com | more

TISICS Limited

TISICS develops and manufactures light weight, high strength titanium matrix composites for space, aviation and energy sectors. TISICS works in partnership applying our technology to customer products, from our unique UK facility.

http://www.tisics.co.uk | more


TODELLI is a curated B2B marketplace for Chefs & Restaurateurs to connect with producers of ambient fine food and drinks enabling discovery 
of specialised unique produce and making the supply chain more efficient. Our current open BETA web app and community has 300 products listed from more than 70 fine food producers while 22 chefs and restaurateurs have signed up to participate to our payment pilot.

https://todelli.com | more

Tor Water Limited

Retail supplier of water and sewerage services in the Devon and Cornwall area.

http://torwater.co.uk | more

Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services

Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services

TDDS is a member of an idiosyncratic laboratory group owned by veterinary pathologists for veterinary surgeons in practice. The Veterinary Pathology Group maintains a very strong position with the top referral centres in the UK and Ireland while at the same time offering a widely accessible service to match the breadth of the challenges facing practising Veterinary Surgeons in all forms of practise. We employ courier drivers in our own vehicles which now cover large swathes of the UK and Ireland picking up samples every night.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Peninsula%20Innovations | more

Trainer Rx

Outcomes Focused. Evidenced Based. Consumer-Centric. Trainer Rx has excelled as a leading innovator in musculoskeletal digital solutions. The platform is designed to aid in the prevention and recovery of orthopaedic injury and surgery.

http://www.trainerrx.com | more

TravelLocal Ltd

TravelLocal thinks that if you're planning a trip somewhere, it makes far more sense to do that with someone based on the ground in your destination. We cut out traditional, UK based travel agencies, and connect customers to the best locally owned travel companies in the world. In doing so, we're bringing the 'buy local' ethos to travel, starting with the £15bn tailor-made holidays market. With the use of our innovative web platform, we help locally owned travel companies compete on a level playing field with big, bland, UK/US based travel companies who frequently siphon off too much of...

http://www.TravelLocal.com | more

Treeconomics Ltd

Looking at new ways of Quantifying and Monetising the Ecosystem services of the Urban Forest, turning the Data into Information and communicating that to create action and change that will enhance the benefits into the future to ensure sustainable management of the urban forest.

http://www.treeconomics.co.uk | more

Triopsis Ltd

Developing powerful knowledge management technology.


Trueinvivo Ltd

Trueinvivo is a research led healthcare solutions company focusing initially on reducing the side effects of radiotherapy. The company makes innovative radiation detectors from arrays of micro silica beads which can used in a patient to measure the actual dose and spread of the received radiation.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/Trueinvivo%20Ltd | more


U-Linc is a UK company (Company number 10832006) recently formed to commercialise the invention of a protocol which enables users to interact simply, seamlessly and securely with different Internet of Things (IoT) devices from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. U-Linc’s customers – semiconductor manufacturers, connected-device manufacturers, and connectivity service providers - gain a distinct market advantage in licensing this protocol. We enable them to provide to their users a simple, common/universal interface which will interact seamlessly and securely with...


Unbiaz Ltd

Unbiaz is a startup working to empower underserved audiences with the Blockchain technology. We educate them on the ongoing digital revolution initiated by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology. Our team is dedicated to developing blockchain related projects that would allow this segment of the population to benefit from the transformative power of Blockchain.

We are currently running free Webinars on a weekly basis to introduce french speaking managers to get started with Blockchain and organise online live 1-2-1 training sessions for business leaders...

http://www.unbiaz.com | more


Utonomy has developed innovative technology to automatically optimise the pressure in gas distribution networks. This is currently done manually and doesn’t take account of large seasonal and daily variations in demand. As leakage from the network is directly proportional to pressure, optimisation of pressure leads to a significant reduction in leakage. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, so it is critically important to keep leakage to a minimum. The Utonomy solution also reduces operating costs and the cost of lost gas giving gas network operators an ROI of less than two years.

http://www.utonomy.co.uk/ | more


uuugabuild is a mobile and web app to increase productivity and social inclusion. The platform utilised automatic matching to match temporary assignments for under-utilised employees : either somewhere else within the company or externally, vastly increasing productivity and company profits.

The application also integrates social groups into the workforce through : community engagement; up-skilling and support; and automatic matching to find the best-fit local job opportunities.


Verdu Labs Ltd

Veridu (a trading name of Veridu Labs Ltd) is a Bristol-based Regtech startup with a mission to bring compliance (and therefore trust) to blockchain businesses.

Veridu was founded in 2018 by technologist Nicholas Hemley (Bristech), fintech lawyer Adrian Shedden (Keystone Law) and entrepreneur Tom Morgan (The Adventurists, The Visa Machine).

Using unique cryptocurrency source of funds technology, they are on a mission to ensure that any inbound funds into blockchain and traditional financial businesses have not been subject to money laundering by criminals.


https://www.veridu.com | more

VIKA Books

VIKA Books looks to the future of art publishing by creating design-led digital publications that enhance printed publications to create scalable multi-media immersive experiences. Our inaugural publication for museums and galleries is A Gallery in your Pocket, a unique umbrella publication that blurs the boundaries between public and private audiences.

https://wf2.setsquared.co.uk/desigbyvictoria.com%20/%20vikabooks.com | more

Vision (UK) Limited

A joining of two companies - a technology company and a care company together to form a new ventured called The Devon Company (TTCC) - Our activities will include Software Development, Server Development and Reporting Systems.


Vision Game Labs Ltd.

VGL is a MedTech start-up using patent-pending technology to reinvent the eye chart, to gain better insights into visual and cognitive health. In collaboration with University of Bristol and NHS, VGL are undergoing patient-led R&D of a proof-of-concept on a tablet device, and seeking their first round of seed investment and management team to develop this to a software medical device.

http://www.visiongamelabs.com | more

Visual Atoms

Visual Atoms is an independent technology R&D and consulting company, specialising in advanced solutions in the digital vision domain.


Vita Trail Limited

• Vita Trail was created in 2018 as a LinkedIn challenger.
• The idea started when Janine Chard a business owner in health and social care became increasingly frustrated with the lack of an online network and a lack of pride, identity and confidence for care workers and other working class people.
• Our mission - We believe everyone needs an online place to document their work trail through life. Vital Trail is for Exceptional People Everyday
• Vita Trail has 3 recurring revenue models
• Company formed in August 2018 by Janine Chard and Thea O’Bryenmore


VONCRANK connects cyclist and segments of the cycling industry to mobile bike mechanics around the UK through a mobile app. Think the AA for bikes with a gig economy business model.

http://www.voncrank.com | more

Vr International Property Ltd & Gyo Gym Ltd

1. V.I.P. - Vr International Property Ltd

- The creation of HD VR 360 tours for residential properties, commercial businesses and luxury yachts to support digital marketing and online promotional purposes. Growing to become an established online property sales and rental platform 'The home of VR property viewings'.

- Licensing the VR 360 tour rights for iconic locations to exploit through a range of products and promotions.

- The creation of VR 360 video content, music, media, interviews, airshows etc to be sold or made available on all VR platforms via...

http://www.vrinternationalproperty.com | more

Wealth Harbour Ltd

We are a startup delivering an online peer-to-peer (P2P) financial platform for professionals in the UK.



Worktools is the system to build and run your business on.

http://www.worktools.io | more

Xavier Analytics

A small web development agency called Hatch Apps have partnered with their accountancy firm called FD Works to build a web product called Xavier Analytics (xavier-analytics.com). The product provides technical, time-saving tools and reporting for finance professionals using Xero cloud accounting software. The project has gone well and is now in beta testing. The Hatch team are moving away from agency work and focusing on Xavier full time.

After launch and refinement of the Xavier Analytics product, the Xavier team will embark on expanding the offering into a much broader suite of...

https://xavier-analytics.com/ | more

Xylostream Technology

Video Compression, HDTV, MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC, AVC, UHD TV, FPGA Cores, Image Processing, Algorithm Development.

http://www.xylostream.com/ | more


YellowDog is a revolution in Image rendering for 3D studios and artists.

The YellowDog platform gives animators and studios access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all for you.

As a result, YellowDog is powerful enough to chew through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

This is what we here at YellowDog call Limitless Compute.

http://www.yellowdog.co | more

YoUrban Innovations Ltd

We are a group of technology and management professionals whose knowledge, skills and experience spans smart cities, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, connectivity, data, homes, mobility and energy.

Our mission is to support governments and organisations to make the most of new technologies in urban areas. Putting people and the environment first.

We do this by researching, developing and providing advice on digital and smart city strategies, services and technologies to increase the quality of life, sustainability and...

https://yurbs.org/ | more

Zenex Technologies Ltd

Develops a range of ground-breaking energy-saving technologies that address future energy needs by improving the overall efficiency of domestic and commercial central heating boilers and hot water systems. Current focus is on flue gas heat recovery and efficient system design. Condensers which fit on boiler to dramatically improve efficiency.

http://www.zenexenergy.co.uk | more


Is a software company specialized on hybrid cloud computing, with a track record in creating enterprise grade software, and delivering it into successful operation inside some of the most complex and rigorous IT organisations in the world.

http://www.zynstra.com | more