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Tabbre Ltd

Design, development and hosting of a publicly accessible scalable blockchain infrastructure using a permissioned multi-threaded blockchain. The adoption of blockchain technology is being held back because current blockchains (e.g EThereum & Bitcoin) have very limited transactional capacity (typically less than 10 tx/s) and have very high transaction charges especially if a transaction is urgent. They also process transactions slowly.
The Tabbre technology solves these three problems. | more

Tealight Hospitality Services Ltd

Tealight is a marketplace business serving two stakeholders: consumers and restaurants.

We enable personalised restaurant recommendations for consumers and deliver actionable consumer data to restaurants enabling them to personalise their service offering to maximise LTV.

Our vision is to create the next generation hospitality platform.

Tealight was founded by Tom and Ben, experienced in their fields of tech and commercial respectively.

Since inception we've achieved early traction with consumers and restaurants and run manual testing exercises indicating... | more

Theta Technologies

Theta Technologies provides cost effective non-linear acoustic technology for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of traditional and composite materials and layered structures. | more

Think Cyber Security

A UK company developing products that reinvent the delivery of end-user security education and awareness training. | more

Tickitto AI

Tickitto is the first ticket assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. Tickitto makes ticket discovery and buying easier for anyone, anywhere. Built to understand 22 different languages, users are seamlessly connected to experiences they will love. For Ticket vendors, this ultimately enables faster conversion and higher sales revenue. | more

TISICS Limited

TISICS develops and manufactures light weight, high strength titanium matrix composites for space, aviation and energy sectors. TISICS works in partnership applying our technology to customer products, from our unique UK facility. | more


TODELLI is a curated B2B marketplace for Chefs & Restaurateurs to connect with producers of ambient fine food and drinks enabling discovery 
of specialised unique produce and making the supply chain more efficient. Our current open BETA web app and community has 300 products listed from more than 70 fine food producers while 22 chefs and restaurateurs have signed up to participate to our payment pilot. | more

Tor Water Limited

Retail supplier of water and sewerage services in the Devon and Cornwall area. | more

Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services

Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services

TDDS is a member of an idiosyncratic laboratory group owned by veterinary pathologists for veterinary surgeons in practice. The Veterinary Pathology Group maintains a very strong position with the top referral centres in the UK and Ireland while at the same time offering a widely accessible service to match the breadth of the challenges facing practising Veterinary Surgeons in all forms of practise. We employ courier drivers in our own vehicles which now cover large swathes of the UK and Ireland picking up samples every night. | more

Trainer Rx

Outcomes Focused. Evidenced Based. Consumer-Centric. Trainer Rx has excelled as a leading innovator in musculoskeletal digital solutions. The platform is designed to aid in the prevention and recovery of orthopaedic injury and surgery. | more

TravelLocal Ltd

TravelLocal thinks that if you're planning a trip somewhere, it makes far more sense to do that with someone based on the ground in your destination. We cut out traditional, UK based travel agencies, and connect customers to the best locally owned travel companies in the world. In doing so, we're bringing the 'buy local' ethos to travel, starting with the £15bn tailor-made holidays market. With the use of our innovative web platform, we help locally owned travel companies compete on a level playing field with big, bland, UK/US based travel companies who frequently siphon off too much of... | more

Treeconomics Ltd

Looking at new ways of Quantifying and Monetising the Ecosystem services of the Urban Forest, turning the Data into Information and communicating that to create action and change that will enhance the benefits into the future to ensure sustainable management of the urban forest. | more

Triopsis Ltd

Developing powerful knowledge management technology.


Trueinvivo Ltd

Trueinvivo is a research led healthcare solutions company focusing initially on reducing the side effects of radiotherapy. The company makes innovative radiation detectors from arrays of micro silica beads which can used in a patient to measure the actual dose and spread of the received radiation. | more


U-Linc is a UK company (Company number 10832006) recently formed to commercialise the invention of a protocol which enables users to interact simply, seamlessly and securely with different Internet of Things (IoT) devices from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. U-Linc’s customers – semiconductor manufacturers, connected-device manufacturers, and connectivity service providers - gain a distinct market advantage in licensing this protocol. We enable them to provide to their users a simple, common/universal interface which will interact seamlessly and securely with...


Unbiaz Ltd

Unbiaz is a startup working to empower underserved audiences with the Blockchain technology. We educate them on the ongoing digital revolution initiated by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology. Our team is dedicated to developing blockchain related projects that would allow this segment of the population to benefit from the transformative power of Blockchain.

We are currently running free Webinars on a weekly basis to introduce french speaking managers to get started with Blockchain and organise online live 1-2-1 training sessions for business leaders... | more


Utonomy has developed innovative technology to automatically optimise the pressure in gas distribution networks. This is currently done manually and doesn’t take account of large seasonal and daily variations in demand. As leakage from the network is directly proportional to pressure, optimisation of pressure leads to a significant reduction in leakage. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, so it is critically important to keep leakage to a minimum. The Utonomy solution also reduces operating costs and the cost of lost gas giving gas network operators an ROI of less than two years. | more


uuugabuild is a mobile and web app to increase productivity and social inclusion. The platform utilised automatic matching to match temporary assignments for under-utilised employees : either somewhere else within the company or externally, vastly increasing productivity and company profits.

The application also integrates social groups into the workforce through : community engagement; up-skilling and support; and automatic matching to find the best-fit local job opportunities.


Verdu Labs Ltd

Veridu (a trading name of Veridu Labs Ltd) is a Bristol-based Regtech startup with a mission to bring compliance (and therefore trust) to blockchain businesses.

Veridu was founded in 2018 by technologist Nicholas Hemley (Bristech), fintech lawyer Adrian Shedden (Keystone Law) and entrepreneur Tom Morgan (The Adventurists, The Visa Machine).

Using unique cryptocurrency source of funds technology, they are on a mission to ensure that any inbound funds into blockchain and traditional financial businesses have not been subject to money laundering by criminals.

Veridu... | more

VIKA Books

VIKA Books looks to the future of art publishing by creating design-led digital publications that enhance printed publications to create scalable multi-media immersive experiences. Our inaugural publication for museums and galleries is A Gallery in your Pocket, a unique umbrella publication that blurs the boundaries between public and private audiences. | more

Vision (UK) Limited

A joining of two companies - a technology company and a care company together to form a new ventured called The Devon Company (TTCC) - Our activities will include Software Development, Server Development and Reporting Systems.


Vision Game Labs Ltd.

VGL is a MedTech start-up using patent-pending technology to reinvent the eye chart, to gain better insights into visual and cognitive health. In collaboration with University of Bristol and NHS, VGL are undergoing patient-led R&D of a proof-of-concept on a tablet device, and seeking their first round of seed investment and management team to develop this to a software medical device. | more

Visual Atoms

Visual Atoms is an independent technology R&D and consulting company, specialising in advanced solutions in the digital vision domain.



VONCRANK connects cyclist and segments of the cycling industry to mobile bike mechanics around the UK through a mobile app. Think the AA for bikes with a gig economy business model. | more

Wealth Harbour Ltd

We are a startup delivering an online peer-to-peer (P2P) financial platform for professionals in the UK.



Worktools is the system to build and run your business on. | more

Xylostream Technology

Video Compression, HDTV, MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC, AVC, UHD TV, FPGA Cores, Image Processing, Algorithm Development. | more


YellowDog is a revolution in Image rendering for 3D studios and artists.

The YellowDog platform gives animators and studios access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all for you.

As a result, YellowDog is powerful enough to chew through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

This is what we here at YellowDog call Limitless Compute. | more

YoUrban Innovations Ltd

We are a group of technology and management professionals whose knowledge, skills and experience spans smart cities, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, connectivity, data, homes, mobility and energy.

Our mission is to support governments and organisations to make the most of new technologies in urban areas. Putting people and the environment first.

We do this by researching, developing and providing advice on digital and smart city strategies, services and technologies to increase the quality of life, sustainability and... | more

Zenex Technologies Ltd

Develops a range of ground-breaking energy-saving technologies that address future energy needs by improving the overall efficiency of domestic and commercial central heating boilers and hot water systems. Current focus is on flue gas heat recovery and efficient system design. Condensers which fit on boiler to dramatically improve efficiency. | more


Is a software company specialized on hybrid cloud computing, with a track record in creating enterprise grade software, and delivering it into successful operation inside some of the most complex and rigorous IT organisations in the world. | more