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This competition aims to help technology entrepreneurs understand the potential of space data to transform their products and services.

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The biggest growth area for the space sector over the coming years is set to be in downstream technologies eg taking information and imagery available from satellites, combining it with terrestrial based intelligence and then doing something new with it.

There’s a huge array of data available from satellites already in space, not just imagery but also radar and radiation information that can be used to calculate things from temperature and humidity right through to leaf density as an example.

Right now, this market is opening up rapidly due to decreasing cost of satellite data and availability of free data. Putting a satellite in space is highly expensive, but there are now some significant European projects such as Copernicus that are aimed at drastically reducing the cost of satellite data for end users.

It’s a hugely expanding area, with some very exciting technologies emerging, companies are limited only by what problem they can identify and how they can use space data to solve it.

SETsquared is inviting individuals, researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to submit a one-minute pitch video with your idea for a new product or service which incorporates space data. 

We will be launching the competition on 17th February on Twitter using the hashtag #datafromspace

You are invited to upload their one-minute pitch to YouTube, Vimeo or any similar platform and email a link to [email protected]

The competition is open to everyone, but may be particularly relevant to those in agriculture, transport, app development, weather, telecoms, location-based services and mapping sectors.

The closing date is 16th March 2016.

*Everyone that enters the competition will automatically receive a 20% discount on tickets for the Space Innovation Congress.*

Estimated prize value is £5,000.

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