Over the last 15 years, SETsquared has supported over 1,000 high-tech, high-growth ventures. Many of these companies have raised significant investment, exported products globally, achieved world firsts and had considerable societal as well as economic impact. Collectively they have created over 9,000 jobs and raised over £1bn investment.

Our Top 50 in 15 campaign, which will be launched at an exclusive reception at the House of Commons on 29th March, is a celebration of the achievements of the top 50 entrepreneurs that we’ve supported plus 10 up and coming stars, who we’ve called our ‘ones to watch’.


Please click a thumbnail for more information on each of the entrepreneurs and their company.

Anthony Hollander - Azellon Cell Therapeutics
Anthony Hollander - Azellon Cell Therapeutics
Bioinduction - Ivor Gilbie
Biosystems - Olivia Champion
Blu Wireless Technology - Henry Nurser
Brain in Hand - Andrew Stamp
Brightpearl - Andrew Mulvenna
Cloudfind - Glenn Smith
Cloudfind - Sebastian Toke-Nicols
Community DNS - Paul Kane
Crowdcube - Darren Westlake
Crowdcube - Luke Lang
eCow - Toby Mottram
Explaain - Matthew Morley
EZ Education - Nicola Chilman
EZ Education - Tim Minor
Fourth State Medicine - Thomas Frame
Fourth State Medicine - Thomas Harle
Fresh Relevance - Mike Austin
Green Running - Peter Davies
iGeolise - Charlie Davies
iGeolise - Peter Lilley
Ilika - Graeme Purdy
Imetrum - John Brewster
Industrial Phycology - Daniel Murray
Inova Design - Leon Marsh
Interactive Scientific - Becky Sage
Karus Therapeutics - Simon Kerry
Kelda Technology - Chris Jackson
Lime Microsystems - Ebrahim Bushehri
Living Map - Jake Ronay
Lobster Pictures - Robbie Allen
LUX Rewards - James Courtney
Manage Places - Georgios Michalakidis
Manageplaces - Aaron Mason
Micrima - Roy Johnson
ModMyPi - Jacob March
MoneyHub - Toby Hughes
Move - Alister Rollins
My Action Replay - Barnaby Kent
My Action Replay - Emily Kent
Neighbourly - Nick Davies
Nquiringminds Ltd - Nick Allott
Ordoo - Tom Dewhurst
Pelipod - Karl Willis
Primer Design - Jim Wicks
Primer Design - Rob Powell
RazorSecure - Alex Cowan
Redlux - Christian Maul
Resin.io - Prof Paul Krause
SEaB Energy - Sandra Sassow
SecondSync Dan Fairs
SecondSync Andy Littledale
SecondSync Ted Littledale
SecondSync Lee Carre
Seedata John James
Senseye - Simon Kampa
Simpleware - Philippe Young
Smart Antenna Technologies - Sampson Hu
Softiron - Norman Fraser
Symetrica - Heddwyn Davies
Test and Verification Solutions Ltd - Mike Bartley
Theta Technologies - Iain Fairbain
TISICS - Stephen Kyle-Henney
Trueinvivo - Shakar Jafari
Ubiquisys - Pete Keevill
Ubiquisys - Will Franks
Ultrahaptics - Steve Cliffe
Ultrahaptics - Tom Carter
XMOS - Mark Lippett
YellowDog - Gareth Williams
Zynstra - Nick East