Mike Austin

"The support we receive from SETsquared is invaluable. Whether it is ongoing mentoring, taking advantage of SETsquared facilities, or creating opportunities for us to engage with people and organisations that can assist with our growth potential, both in the UK and wider international markets. Participating in its recent market exploration program has aided us in developing our penetration in to North America."

Fresh Relevance responds to customer expectations of Amazon-like personalisation when shopping online. Through its real-time marketing hub, Fresh Relevance empowers marketers to facilitate deeply personalised and engaging customer interactions with the brand via email, mobile and web.

Top 3 achievements:

• Achieved major domestic and international growth in the past 12 months, with expansion in to North America and more than 250 customers many of which are leading retail brands.

• Created using ‘seed capital’ from the sale of Mike’s third business and now growing impressively with rapid expansion into North America.

• Mike started his first software business whilst at school, aged 16.