Best Graduate Start Up

Instabear - University of Exeter

Instabear launched in February 2013, providing “Next day” photo printing services from social-media sites such as Facebook and instagram.
Responding to an identified gap in the market, Instabear enhanced its business and now aims to blur the gap between social media and physical experiences.

Using its own, specially developed platform, Instabear provides a specialist service which allows event guests to share photos via social-media platforms while simultaneously displaying them on big screens and printing them out as reminders of the event – effectively incentivising users to engage socially by rewarding them physically.

Instabear has delivered major events contracts for Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Jack Wills and other brands - including the launch of the F-Type Coupe and the JLR Auto Show in Los Angeles which led to over 3,500 photos printed and a viral reach of more than 8 Million people.

These contracts have led to a turnover of ~£60K in the year ending February 2014 and a further ~£20K in the current year to date.

The ability of instabear to provide the crucial blend of social reach and physical marketing has also led to interest from potential investors which will support the future growth of the company.

Best Social Enterprise Project

SanEco – University of Southampton

SanEco tackles the issues of sanitation by working with widowed women in Kisii, Kenya. Through needs assessments, we saw a large need for sanitary facilities, more effective fertilisers and women’s menstrual health education. These needs are met through SanEco businesses: the SanEco toilets (the building of an innovative toilet with a waste collection system converting human waste into natural fertilisers), the SanEco sanitary towels (the making and selling of sanitary towels) and the SanEco soap (the making and selling of soap).
With a microfinance loan, the entrepreneurs are able to set up their own businesses. They repay at 25% of their additional monthly income allowing for SanEco to scale sustainably. Socially, 6182 women and girls are taught vital menstrual health education and thousands of people have access to clean sanitary facilities. Economically, the entrepreneurs have so far increased their income up to 58% and crop yields have increased threefold. Environmentally, 5830 bottles and 34 tonnes of human waste have been recycled reducing waste lying in the streets. In one year, the enterprise has improved the lives of over 11,000 people. By expanding our support network, we hope to improve the lives of 40,000 people in year 3.

Best Student Enterprise Experience

SPARK – University of Bristol

Spark is our annual Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. It regularly attracts over 40 students and the last iteration was in September 2013. It provides a 5-day crash course in making ideas happen. We cover definitions of success, values, team roles and styles, creativity, business model development, customer profiling, sales, marketing, IP, fundraising, pitching. We invite alumni back to share experiences of start-up, we have a 16-strong panel of Dragons and the finale is in Deloitte's Bristol Boardroom. This year's feedback was outstanding with over 80% of attendees rating us 5/5 across all categories and self-efficacy around entrepreneurship consistently rises 20% as a result of the course. Two attendees have already registered companies, five more entered the New Enterprise Competition, half the course joined Inc and/or Enactus, and one attendee just won a category in the national Graduate of the Year Award. The 'ripple effect' is tremendous. We are currently working on the 2014 event with updated speakers, a new venue, and a new time slot in the year.

Best Student Start Up

Tick Box - University of Exeter

TickBox exists because the way in which we interact with democracy and voting is outdated.

We believe vast portions of society feel disconnected from the process, especially 18-24 yr olds.
Our aim is to use technology to make voting as easy as possible.
We are pioneering the field of digital democracy and innovating in part of society that is seen by many as backward and out of touch.
The TickBox platform has been tested at the University sabbatical elections at Exeter and Bristol and has since secured over £50,000 of investment from grants and private individuals to fund the development its website, which will be launched at the European elections in May.
In the 2 weeks prior to voting in May, TickBox will aim to engage with more than 80,000 voters across the SW & SE, providing a unique opportunity for them to identify the candidate which will best represent their views.
With these levels of voter engagement, Tickbox will be a more cost effective method to communicate with voters than currently used and the data collected is valuable to political, polling and media organisations.
TickBox has won awards from the UKTI and cross party support in Westminster.

Student Enterprise Champion and Business Mentor of the Year 2014

For each University an individual was recognised as their Student Enterprise Champion and Business Mentor of the Year at the ceremony.