Here are the nominees for the Student Enterprise Champion 2014 category. These students have made an outstanding contribution to enterprise which has significantly impacted on the success of their respective Enterprise Society.

Sorella Smith (University of Bath)

Third year Civil Engineering student Sorrella Smith is the 2013/14 President of social enterprise group Enactus Bath. Sorrella has led her team to the semi-finals of the 2014 UK Enactus awards, where they presented their projects. These include BrightWays; a project Sorrella established where university students teach business skills to students with no qualifications at the City of Bath College. By the end of the programme the college students had gained so much confidence they sold Christmas cards at the university, and many now want to go to university as a direct result. Sorrella inspired her team to learn about enterprise through teaching others. 

She never fails to innovate – to recruit new members she led a campaign where a pile of used juice cartons appeared on campus with a sign reading ‘Do you see a problem or an opportunity?’ Sorrella then led her team to create wallets out of the cartons, selling them for a profit and recycling waste. 

Sorrella’s team also give business consultancy advice to local community shops and recovering alcoholics and sell bags made by disadvantaged Ugandan women. Without Sorrella’s determination and dedication, none of these opportunities would be available to students.

Ruth Khaw and Oliver Yorke (University of Bristol)

Ruth Khaw has grown Bristol's Enactus Team from less than 10 to more than 80 in a single year. Under Ruth's stewardship the team picked up the runner-up as Best New Team in 2013 and gave a great account of themselves at the Nationals in 2014. Dilligent, articulate, and always helpful - Ruth has been a pleasure to work with and an inspiration to a whole new generation of Enactus students at Bristol.

Ollie Yorke started the year co-directing INC - the Bristol enterprise society - and ended up running the whole show. Whilst his part of the enterprise rarely faltered he also stepped in to save the whole endeavour at Christmas. INC have run more events than any previous year, they've pioneered popular new formats and activities, and he even found time to run a hugely successful Social Enterprise Conference too. Ollie has succeeded in bringing forward a great team of people over the last six months and will leave a formidable legacy for his successors.

Tom Charman (University of Exeter)

Tom is President of Exeter Entrepreneurs Society – which recruited over 300 students across campus - an uplift of over 150% on last year. He has a strong working relationship with both 2012-13 and 2014-15 Exeter Entrepreneur presidents.

He is passionate about supporting fellow student entrepreneurs,  with this intention has founded The Ember Club, a portal to promote student entrepreneurship across the UK.  They’ve been awarded an UnLtd Spark Award of £500 and have made it through to the Shell Livewire Finals.

Through Tom’s efforts this event gained record levels of participation.  Exeter went on to win the SETsquared pitch competition and recognition for the energy the University of Exeter students were putting in.

Active participant of both the Budding and Successful Entrepreneur series, run by both IGNITE and the Innovation Centre.  Participated in IGNITE’s hackathon, reaching the nationals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup.  (IGNITE is the University of Exeter Students’  Guild entrepreneur support unit.)

Tom has exceptional networking abilities and has built an impressive network of connections.

Elliot Covers (University of Southampton)

Elliott Covers has been key in creating the success the Enactus Southampton team have seen over the past 12 months. Being president of the 154 strong society, he has lead and inspired every single member over the year by being instrumental in setting up a new local social enterprise project in Southampton, working with vulnerable women to achieve their dreams of integrating with society though the power of business, as well as developing 3 existing projects to reach new success as well as developing 2 international projects based in Africa. This was achieved not by him running the intricate details of the projects but by inspiring the members and projects leader, developing their own personal potential so they can then start working on creating live changing work for the individuals in their projects. This has created,  life changing impact to over 13,000 people across the globe this year alone. Elliott this year has put Southampton University on the map for social enterprise, not only in the UK but internationally as well when Elliot led the team to international success when representing the university and the team in Mexico at the Enactus World Cup.

Daniel Speller (University of Surrey)

Daniel  is currently a final year undergraduate studying law. Over the last 3 years Daniel has been involved in many of the enterprise activities on campus.  He has set up his own enterprises, was managing director of the Surrey Enterprise Company Ltd, and has represented the university at external events. 

Against all the odds and on his own initiative, last summer Daniel successfully secured space on campus for an Enterprise centre. The centre was launched last October and since then has provided much needed space and resources for enterprising students and societies to meet, plan and network. He has also successfully bid for funding for a food kiosk on campus to enable student to develop and trial food ideas.

Daniel is always ready to help and inspire fellow students in their endeavours, and over the years has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is always willing to share.  His impact on the enterprise landscape at the university has been immeasurable, and we are pleased that this award goes some way to recognising that.