Student Enterprise Showcase 2015






Date: Thursday 4th June 2015
Venue: St Mary's Football Stadium, Southampton
Time: 5.00pm - 9.00pm

Hosted by the University of Southampton, this event celebrated the very best of student entrepreneurial talent at the five SETsquared universities – Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey.

The winner of the People's Choice 2015 Award was Metix Ltd and the winner of the Grant Thonton Entrepreneurial Excellence Award was TrueInvivo.

Here is a summary of the student companies who attended:

Best Student Enterprise 2015

Pasta Pit-Stop – University of Bath

Pasta Pit-Stop is the go-to place for ‘Generation Z street food’ diners, fusing a lively, themed bar with a self-service eating area. The concept embraces modern values: quality, healthy food, laid-back ambience, and ethical business. At the heart of the venue are actor-chefs whizzing up the perfect ‘al dente’ pasta in a wok. Asian tradition meets a European classic, right in front of the customer.

Filthy Banana – University of Bristol

Filthy Banana is the brainchild of Sam and Amin, and they have been providing the people of Bristol with ludicrously tasty hot banana desserts since the beginning of this academic year. Utilising Amin’s experience in some of the top restaurants in the world, and Sam’s experience of running a market stall in London, the company has gone from strength to strength throughout the year. They are now looking to expand their menu and find a permanent physical location to start pushing the company further forward.

Siymb – University of Exeter

Siymb looks towards bringing conferences and exhibitions to the twenty first century. It will shatter the fishbowls full of business cards and burn their contents to ashes. The basic idea is to use an inexpensive wearable to transform the way people interact with each other during conferences and exhibitions. With a simple handshake, participants will be able to exchange details about each other. No more looking for the right profile or lost contacts - all the information you need will be available through an integrated online system.  Siymb will be targeting event organisers, rather than selling to individuals and offer them various benefits in return of their investment.

SanEco – University of Southampton

SanEco is a social enterprise business that empowers communities using sanitation.   Entrepreneurs specialise in one of three franchise models: Agriculture, Comfort and Protection and Personal Care.  Agriculture entrepreneurs build waste converting toilets which produce fertiliser which they sell to local farmers.  Personal Care entrepreneurs produce natural soap from waste fruit and Comfort and Protection entrepreneurs produce re-useable sanitary towels. These solutions give impoverished communities access to safe sanitation lessening disease, providing dignity and reducing poverty. SanEco empowers entrepreneurs to change their own lives and their communities forever.

Red Gap – University of Surrey

Aspiring to ‘Make Culture Alive’ Red Gap combines the highly appreciated artistic value of Chinese paper cutting artwork with a modern twist, to create innovative arts and decorative pictures.

Makes a Better Living is Red Gap’s ethical brand.  They source artworks, which are all 100% handmade using scissors and knives, from artists in China, providing work for people with support needs such as disabilities, mental illness or poverty. So far their branding model has enabled them to provide 68 artworks and help 8 craftsman. By the end of this year, they hope to provide opportunities for at least 50 in need artists.

Best Graduate Enterprise 2015

Office Pantry – University of Bath

Office Pantry delivers super foods to super offices. With a delivery network across the UK, they deliver tailored snacks, fresh fruit and meeting packs to offices to ensure no one has the hunger grumbles at work.

Idea Skateboards – University of Bristol

Idea Skateboards are an exciting young business that continue to go from strength to strength. Rob Owen, the CEO, formed Idea out of a passion for skating and art, and Idea looks to bring these two areas closer together. Whether it’s through providing independent, up and coming artists with skate decks to produce one off pieces of art, or launching their first crowdfunding event, Idea is looking to establish itself as one of the up and coming skate brands in the UK.

Pulsenotes – University of Exeter

Pulsenotes is an online medical revision service that delivers high-quality presentations, notes, and MCQs to undergraduate medical students in a focused and engaging way. Created by three medical students, soon to be doctors in North West London, it brings a new and exciting feel to a thriving educational sector. 

At last year’s SETsquared Enterprise Awards they met Philip Cameron of No. 1 Traveller. He is now their business partner and investor. They are eager to get their product out to medical students across the UK.

DividaBill – University of Southampton

DividaBill is a bill management service for residential accommodation.

It was created by Jon and Saumeel while students at UoS after personally experiencing problems and frustration at dealing with their own bills. UoS provided help and support creating the concept and DividaBill has grown from there. Customers sign up once and all of their bills are set up and managed. They can take control and are able to split payments, add or remove services, view past bills and more. It even saves over £100 per year compared to leading providers.

Team Tops Ltd – University of Surrey

Team Tops produce any form of Printed, Embroidered & Bespoke Clothing. Clients include the likes of Microsoft, Mercedes, Sainsburys, Ducati, Lotus, Starbucks, Cascade Group and celebrities such as Levi Roots from Dragons Den and Brian May from Queen.  Corporate Wardrobe supply high quality staff wear and garments into a range of industry sectors. From 5* Hotels, to Michelin Star restaurants, retail wear and merchandise.

Best Game Changing Enterprise 2015

Ordable – University of Bath

The app that allows you to quickly and easily browse, order and pay for food and drink at restaurants on your smartphone. Using iBeacon technology, Ordo have developed a way to micro-locate smartphone users indoors and assign them to a table. This means no more ‘catching the waiter’s eye’ or waiting for the card machine. Ordo offers an innovative solution that enables restaurants to build relationships and loyalty with their customers.

The Bristol Bicycle Company – University of Bristol

The Bristol Bicycle Company look set to cause a revolution in Bristol, offering cheap and affordable bike rentals to students who otherwise may not have the money to cycle. Having already received funding from the Students Union, Bristol Hubs and the city council, TBBC is looking to implement its Minimally Viable Product by the start of the next academic year. From there, the sky is the limit, and dreams of setting up a city wide, short term bike rental scheme to alleviate the cities transport woes is extremely high on the agenda for this massively game changing company.

TickBox – University of Exeter

TickBox is a decision making platform that currently focuses on elections, connecting voters and candidates in every walk of life to one another. TickBox is considered a leader in the space of ‘political technology’ with technology developed specifically for Student Union elections and national elections. In year one it has already connected over 250,000 voters to potential candidates, all based on a new technology that lists profiles on every candidate standing in the election regardless of popularity, funding or belief. This had never been done before. TickBox is widely supported by major political parties, charities, not for profits and several corporations.

Metix Ltd. – University of Southampton

Metix Ltd. is a medical technology company pioneering where emergency medicine begins. Metix is developing a robust handheld vital signs monitor, COREMED® Aid. Its third concept device was exhibited at the 2014 World Extreme Medicine Conference at the RSM, where it received positive feedback from many leading consumers including Defence delegates and MSF. COREMED’s target market is pre-hospital care providers. Its development is powered by a highly qualified team of Engineers & Management Graduates currently supported through UKTI’s SIRIUS and led by a medical doctor.

TrueInvivo – University of Surrey

Helping more people survive cancer.

The Shakar Detector developed by TrueInvivo is an innovative method of measuring radiation dosage and spread in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.  The small size of the detector enables it to be placed in the patient’s body (invivo), to provide immediate data and feedback on dosages, thereby enabling treatment to be monitored effectively and accurately.

Worldwide there are 24million patients receiving radiation therapy a year. TrueInvivo’s mission is to make the use and measurement of radiotherapy more accurate and more efficient worldwide and to therefore extend and save thousands, if not millions, of lives.

Come along and be inspired by the wealth of student entrepreneurial talent and meet the business leaders of tomorrow.

This event was kindly supported by Grant Thornton.